May 26, 2011

Embedly – Engage Readers With Embedded Content

Embedly is a web-app that can help people spice up their blogs and websites. Rather than posting snooze-inducing URL links on their sites, web publishers who use Embedly can actively engage their readers by embedding new content on a daily basis. Embedly makes it possible to dig up the photos, videos, and charts behind any URL and post a preview of that content on an existing website. Even better, those preview images automatically link back to the original source.

Hundreds of applications exist solely to help web publishers embed content on their sites. What sets Embedly apart is its usefulness to publishers who want to post multiple sources of embed codes. Let’s say you’re a blogger who wants to post links to your favorite products from Amazon. You could type up descriptions of the items, save and upload photos, and then add in URL links that take your readers to the specific products you’re mentioning, or you could turn to Embedly for help. In an instant, Embedly users could publish a visual overview of the product using photos, videos, documents, and charts. Developers who sign up for Embedly Pro get access to even more tools. With Embedly Pro, developers can create “visual experiences” for online readers by embedding rich media, RSS entries, and article previews – in addition to photos and videos – into any URL.

Embedly offers so many features that it can be hard to keep track. Recently, the application’s creators launched “Embedly Mobile” to allow iOS and Android developers to embed rich media, videos, and photos into their own mobile applications. Embedly also offers analytics tools for its Pro users who want daily, hourly, or minute-by-minute details about all the people who are clicking on their sites.

Practical Uses:

  • Create a dynamic front page that users will want to click on
  • Engage readers by publishing the photos they want to see, rather than directing them elsewhere to find the content they want
  • Make readers more likely to click on your affiliate links
  • Embed photos and videos directly on your site

Insider Tips:

  • Embedly’s mobile service supports iOS and Android devices
  • Publishers can use Embedly to show their readers full articles from RSS feeds
  • The system will notify users when a link they click on is potentially dangerous
  • Use the Parrotfish plugin for Chrome to increase the number of supported, embeddable services on Twitter

What we liked:

  • Web publishers who use Embedly can make their homepages more dynamic
  • Mobile phone users can speed up their Internet browsing by viewing content embedded with Embedly
  • Embedly’s Parrotfish plugin checks for phishing links on Twitter
  • Users who need support can reach Embedly through email or by phone

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


  • None

Company Info:

  • Launched: 2010
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Founded by: Sean Creeley and Arthur Gibson
  • Web site:


  • Starter plan is $20/month for <50,000 URLs
  • Core plan is $200/month for <500,000 URLs
  • Plus plan is $800/month for <2 million URLs
  • Premium plan is $2,000/month for <5 million URLs Elite plan comes with special pricing for users who need >5 million URLs each month

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