June 10, 2011

PostalShout – Get Personal With Business Letters

Shoving an important message or follow up letter in an email inbox is a sure fire way to ensure it won’t get noticed. That’s why smart business owners have been sending actual letters – printed on paper and delivered through the postal service – for years. Now, a web-app called PostalShout lets companies type, print, and send marketing materials to clients in a way that is almost as convenient as spamming an email contact list – and a whole lot more effective.

PostalShout is ideally suited for both personal and professional uses, so you can try out the application whether you’re a freelancer sending invoices, an entrepreneur sending marketing material, or just a person at home looking for an easier way to send out Christmas letters to family and friends. Log on to PostalShout and download the template to begin typing up marketing materials or personal letters in MS Word. Email your letter as an attachment to PostalShout, and the web-app’s system will automatically print, fold, and insert your letter in an envelope that’s been addressed and stamped. Without getting up from your seat, you can send dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of letters to clients and customers via first class mail. Sending a single letter is just as easy as sending 1,000, so you don’t have to worry about waiting until you’ve got a batch of outgoing messages to use the PostalShout service.

Even better, PostalShout can do things that you probably don’t have time for. The application will automatically validate all addresses before any letters are sent, ensuring you don’t waste your company’s precious money sending mail to addresses that no longer exist. For companies that have better things to do with their assistants’ and interns’ time than having them folding letters and licking envelopes all day, PostalShout is a great solution.

Practical Uses:

  • Send paper invoices to your clients
  • Mail notices to clients who are past due on their payments
  • Type up custom letters thanking your best customers for being so great
  • Automatically mail patients their test results, rather than calling each patient individually

Insider Tips:

  • Type letters in MS Word or OpenOffice Writer and send them to PostalShout as attachments
  • All addresses are automatically validated before mail is sent
  • Letters are sent as first class mail through the USPS
  • Users buy “posting credits” based on how many letters they plan on sending out

What we liked:

  • PostalShout works both for individuals and companies of all sizes
  • PostalShout makes it more convenient for companies to send out mass mailers
  • People can send letters to clients, even when they’re not at their computers
  • Companies can save money by not buying envelopes, stationary, and stamps

What we didn’t like:

  • Letters are printed on PostalShout’s paper, which means companies can’t use their own stationery


Company Info:


  • B&W letters can be sent for between $.81 per letter and $1.01 per letter, depending on the prepaid credits package


  1. John

    Thank you so much for this article. I have been using which gets the job done, but with extreme complications surrounding formatting. In addition the site looks like it was made in the 90’s and responds accordingly.

    I will be trying out these alternatives.

  2. Has anyone given Notes To Friend a chance? I used them, and they were a little easier (for me at least) than postal shout. They’re located at Send a letter online

  3. Any idea whether we can do large format printing with this service? I am looking for an easy way to send out posters of our production to our partners and clients without the hassle, and this looks promising to say the least!

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