June 27, 2011

Hello There – A Video Introduction

Online resumes are impersonal and personal websites are a dime a dozen. So how does a would-be employee get noticed in a tough job market? One way could be by setting up an account and using Hello There, a service that lets job applicants set up their own web pages with personalized video messages. Not only can applicants stand out from the crowd by sending customized video clips to each potential employer, but they can also find out when their video clips have been viewed.

Hello There lets new users set up their first page for free, so there’s no risk in trying out the service. Type in the name of the HR representative or manager at the company you’re applying to, and include a short message introducing yourself or your video. Next, it’s time to create the perfect pitch. Record your video with a webcam, or upload a video you’ve shot using professional equipment directly onto the Hello There site. Give potential employers a way to reach you by adding your phone number or your email address, and include an additional paragraph of information about your experience if you wish. Hello There also lets you add a link or a document to your site. In minutes, your personalized video clip website is ready to be sent.

One of the great things about Hello There is that the service makes it easy to create unique pages for each job you’re applying for. When employers see that an applicant has created original content just for them, they’re more likely to take a second look. For anyone looking for a way to boost up a lackluster resume, put a face with the name, or win over potential employers with a charming personality, Hello There is a really interesting application that could put an end to a drawn out job search.

Practical Uses:

  • Create a video message explaining why you’d be perfect for a job
  • Make a memorable impression on managers who read hundreds of resumes each day
  • Win over potential employers with your bubbly personality and sense of humor
  • Show off your on-air talents when applying for a job as a TV personality

Insider Tips:

  • Create separate web pages for each employer
  • Choose a unique URL for each page you create
  • Record video clips using your webcam or upload videos onto the site
  • Analytics dashboard shows when a video has been viewed, where the viewer was located, and whether they clicked on any associated links

What we liked:

  • Hello There offers applicants an easy way to stand out from the crowd
  • Job applicants who do not look great on paper can explain to employers why they should still be considered for the job
  • Applicants can find out when their links have been clicked on, whereas people never know if their resumes have actually be reviewed
  • Hello There could be used as an application for salespeople, as well

What we didn’t like:

  • Some job applicants may turn off employers by going overboard in their video messages


Company Info:


  • One page is free
  • Five pages is $14
  • Unlimited pages for $39/month


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