September 3, 2011

ClubDivot – A Scheduling System for Golfers

ClubDivot is an app that’s been designed especially for golfers. From scheduling tee times and staying updated on country club news, to learning the details of more than 18,000 courses around the country, ClubDivot is the perfect solution for any avid golfer who is looking to stay organized.

Sign up for ClubDivot by entering your name, location, and an email address. You can also enter your USGA GHIN number to have all your latest scores and current handicap updated on the site automatically. If you’re looking for new golf buddies to play with, then start a club on the ClubDivot site. Give your club a name, enter your current location, and start inviting friends and colleagues to join. Next you’ll want to schedule a tee time at your favorite course. Choose which of your groups you’d like to play with – assuming you belong to multiple groups – and your selected friends will be immediately notified when your tee time is confirmed. When you use ClubDivot, you don’t have to worry about sending out emails or making a handful of phone calls each time you want to play a round of golf with the guys.

As useful as ClubDivot is for golfers, the web app is even more helpful to club managers and owners. Managers can organize schedules and calendars with ClubDivot, and they can even communicate with members through the web-application. Course overview pages can be used as marketing tools by adding additional information about the amenities, fees, and ratings of any given course.

Practical Uses:

  • Schedule a golf outing with your friends
  • Find new people to play with at your country club
  • Coordinate with coworkers to find a tee time that works for everyone
  • Learn about the courses in your town to get a leg up on other golfers

Insider Tips:

  • ClubDivot can be used by golfers or club managers
  • USGA GHIN data will automatically update on the ClubDivot site
  • Users can join multiple groups, and they can select which groups to invite to certain outings
  • Weather information is available on the right hand side of each club page

What we liked:

  • ClubDivot is a useful scheduling tool
  • Avid golfers can use ClubDivot to meet likeminded people
  • Users can create separate groups for their colleagues and non-work buddies
  • ClubDivot’s course database already has information about 18,000+ courses

What we didn’t like:

  • Users can schedule tee times online with their friends, but they’ll still need to call the courses for actual tee time reservations.
  • ClubDivot faces competition from a number of similar web-apps for golfers


Company Info:

  • Launched: March 2011 (Beta)
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Menlo Park, California
  • Founded by: Amber Goodenough and Eric Goodenough
  • Web site:


  • Free plan
  • Birdie plan is $19/month or $199/year
  • Birdie plan is $29/month or $319/year

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