October 24, 2011

Webpop – No-Limit CMS For Professionals

Webpop is a cloud-based content management system that professional designers can use to build websites for their clients. What makes Webpop different from the hundreds of other CMS options available is the quality of the websites that it can help create. With Webpop, designers can develop sites that are both visually striking and easy for their clients to update.

If you’re a professional web designer, then you probably don’t want to be limited by templates and pre-selected color combos. Webpop is a solution that professionals can use to build custom websites with a back end that clients can actually update and manage on their own. The web-app comes with no pre-defined blocks of HTML and no drag-and-drop interface, which means you can get to work designing your sites with HTML and CSS you’ve crafted yourself. Once the site is structurally sound, you can hand off the content work to your client. The interface that a client sees when he logs into Webpop will be very different from what you see as the designer. Client interfaces are limited, which is helpful for people who need to pop in and update the content on their sites from time to time without getting bogged down by complicated options and advanced controls. Your clients can edit the menus, availability schedules, and descriptions on their websites with ease.

Clients can also manage their own SEO strategies and keep an eye on traffic thanks to Webpop’s integrated analytics features. Business owners that want to monitor their search engine rankings and track the progress of their Twitter-based campaigns will appreciate how easy the system is to use, while designers appreciate how much freedom it gives them when creating new websites from scratch.

Practical Uses:

  • Hire a designer to build a website that you can update on your own
  • Create a website for your new restaurant
  • See how many people are finding your website through special links that you sent out
  • Change the content on your site without having to contact your designer for help

Insider Tips:

  • Webpop sites are hosted on the Rackspace Cloud
  • Designers have full control over the HTML, CSS, and javascript they use
  • Overlays show clients what content can and can’t be changed on any page
  • Clients can see the top keywords that are bringing people to their sites

What we liked:

  • Webpop is a tool that designers can use to make life easier on clients who want to update their own sites
  • Limited tools for clients ensure they won’t get confused when trying to change content
  • Analytics tools are built into the content management system
  • Websites can be SEO optimized by designers or their clients

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:

  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Founded by: Daniel Villegas, Julio Gonzalez Cotorruelo, and Mathias Biilmann
  • Web site:


  • Personal plan is $19/month
  • Freelance plan is $49/month
  • Agency plans range from is $99/month to $299/month


  1. I think this is a wonderful solution, as many of my clients complain that they wish there was a signage on the things they should not be editing in WordPress after I hand over the site to them post-design. Will definitely check it out, thanks for sharing!

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