October 27, 2011

Brand Regard – Keeping Brands On Point

Brand Regard is a brand-messaging tool that managers, marketers, and creative directors can use to keep a close eye on the most valuable asset that any company has: its brand. Companies of all sizes can use Brand Regard’s toolkits to create news releases, presentations, corporate photos, and viral videos that look unified and stay on-point with the brand’s ultimate goal or message.

Branding agencies and in-house PR professionals will love Brand Regard. Get started by designing various presentation templates, high-resolution logos, and executive photos that can then be uploaded to the Brand Regard site and placed into separate toolkits. These individual toolkits can be designed in a way that supports employees who are undertaking certain tasks. For example, one employee who is putting together a branded presentation might open up the “Presentations” toolkit to access the company’s PowerPoint template. Meanwhile, a PR staffer might look in the “Press Photos” toolkit to download approved photos of an executive for use in an upcoming news release. Creating new toolkits is a fast and painless process, and adding additional content to various toolkits can be done in a matter of seconds. By clicking on the appropriate toolkit, employees can get access to all the files necessary for whatever project they’re working on. To share the contents of a toolkit with an outside party – such as a reporter or a potential client – just visit the toolkit and click “download” or “email.” Brand Regard allows you to limit the time when a file is accessible to the recipient, which helps ensure a company’s branded assets aren’t downloaded in the future and used for other purposes.

Brand Regard makes it possible for businesses to give important clients access to their company sites while still placing restrictions on the types of files or toolkits they can view. This reduces the workload on brand directors and PR staffers who frequently send content to selected clients, without reducing the security structure that makes Brand Regard so unique.

Practical Uses:

  • Create a press kit that selected news outlets can view
  • Develop a PowerPoint template that employees can use when giving presentations
  • Upload professional photos of all the key executives at your company
  • Give selected clients access to branded logos and photography for a limited time

Insider Tips:

  • Users can place limits on how long a person has to download a file
  • Clients can be given temporary access to a company’s Brand Regard site
  • One piece of content can be uploaded into multiple toolkits
  • API is available for full Brand Regard integration

What we liked:

  • Brand Regard’s tools could make life easier for PR professionals who frequently send out press kits with updated photos and logos
  • The contents of a toolkit can be downloaded as a .zip file
  • Brand Regard offers an enterprise option for global brands
  • Employees can access files from any computer because they are stored in the clouds

What we didn’t like:

  • Users with solo plans only have access to 500mb of storage


  • None

Company Info:

  • Launched: 2010
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Founded by: Agnar Sigmarsson, Geir Freysson, and Finnur Magnússon
  • Web site:


  • Solo plan is $25/month
  • Basic plan is $49/month
  • Premium plan is $99/month
  • Professional plan is $199/month
  • Enterprise plan is $10 per user, per month


  1. Many thanks for your post about Brand Regard. We’re glad you like it!

    Following your post we’ve decided to increase the data allowance for solo users to 5Gb – instead of 500Mb. The increase applies across the board to other price plans as well.

    And congratulations on an excellent site! I look forward to reading about other cloud-based applications here in the future.

    All the best,
    Geir Freysson.

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