November 28, 2011

Day Zero – Move Forward In Life

Life goes by in an instant, and if you’re not careful you could let years pass without making progress toward accomplishing your dreams and goals. Day Zero is a web-app that offers motivation and guidance for people who want to achieve their lifelong goals within the next 1,001 days.

Rather than focusing on one specific goal, Day Zero wants you to reach a little broader. The application aims to provide the tools for people to be able to accomplished 101 tasks in 1,001 days. Tasks are defined as specific actions with results that can be measured or defined. To get started accomplishing these tasks, create a Day Zero account and start adding tasks to your list of “Things To Do.” Items can be filed in one of three categories: Things To Do, Someday, and Done. As you start typing an action into your list, a drop down list will appear with similar actions that other people have already added. Click on the one that matches what you were planning to type, and then decide which category it falls under for you. Day Zero will show you other people who are planning to accomplish the same task, and as well as other goals that those people have recently added to their lists. Click the “Idea Finder” if you get stumped for ideas or search for tasks by category. All 101 tasks will show up under your “Things To Do” list, as will a countdown calendar that shows how many days you have left to accomplish your goals.

When you’ve made progress on a task, click the checkmark next to the task and an edit box will appear. Change the status from “Not Started” to “In Progress” or “DONE!” You can also mark the task as private and add special notes, information, or progress updates that others can use to make it easier for them to accomplish the same goal. If you’d like the next 1,001 days to be more productive than the last, then Day Zero is the app for you.

Practical Uses:

  • Create a bucket list with all the dreams you want to achieve
  • Get inspiration and ideas for tasks you’d like to tackle
  • Live a fulfilling life by accomplishing things you never though you could
  • Jot down all the goals you’ve yet to reach

Insider Tips:

  • Find out how many users have added the same task as you
  • Browse tasks by keyword
  • Tasks can be set to public or private
  • Update the status of a task each time you make headway toward accomplishing it

What we liked:

  • Setting a deadline for when all 101 tasks need to be accomplished gets people motivated
  • People can get ideas from other users with similar interests and goals
  • The countdown calendar helps people stay on track
  • People who finish their tasks in 1,001 days can feel good about all that they have accomplished

What we didn’t like:

  • Users can’t change their email addresses or usernames once they’ve signed up without emailing the support desk for help


Company Info:

  • Launched: October 2009
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: New Zealand
  • Founded by: Michael Green
  • Web site:


  • Free

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