December 3, 2011

Cake Health – Get Medical Expenses Under Control

Healthcare costs are rising, and personal incomes are remaining flat. When budgets are tight, every dollar counts. Cake Health is a free online tool that people can use to keep tabs on their insurance premiums and prevent overpaying for unnecessary medical expenses. By using Cake Health, people can catch billing errors and avoid paying for procedures that should have been covered by their health insurance providers.

If you’ve ever struggled to understand all the legal jargon in your health insurance paperwork or paid a bill from the doctor’s office without checking to see if the procedures you were paying for had already been covered by your insurance provider, then you will probably be able to save money by using Cake Health. Register for a free account by inputting your contact information and zip code, and then select your insurance provider from Cake Health’s handy list. Aetna, Anthem, Blue Shield of California, UnitedHealthcare, and Cigna are all listed up front, but you can still use the service even if you’re covered by a different provider. Just type the name of your insurance company into the search box and enter the login information you use on the insurance company’s website. Once you’re all linked up, you’ll be able to see an overview of your coverage, including deductable limits, how much your insurance has paid out on your behalf so far, and how much you’ve paid out-of-pocket for medical expenses this year.

In addition to giving its users basic data about their healthcare plans and spending limits, Cake Health actually uses special analysis tools to catch potential billing errors right away. It can also be set up to remind people to take advantage of certain annual benefits before they expire. Cake Health takes the complicated world of medical billing and health insurance policies and boils it down in a way that almost anyone can digest.

Practical Uses:

  • Get reminders to take advantage of unused health insurance benefits
  • Find out when you’ve been over-billed for a service
  • Learn more about which procedures your insurance company will and won’t cover
  • Make smarter decisions when choosing which insurance company to work with

Insider Tips:

  • Cake Health can import data from most of the major health insurance companies
  • The data that Cake Health gets from insurance companies is in a read-only format
  • Users can sign up to receive alerts when Cake Health thinks they’ve been overcharged
  • The service can use people’s data to help them find the best insurance plans for their needs

What we liked:

  • Anyone who can use can easily understand how to use Cake Health
  • Cake Health is a web-app that can help average people save real money
  • Reminder notices let people know when they should book dentist and optometrist appointments to get the most out of their plans
  • People can see which procedures will and won’t require a co-pay before visiting their doctors’ offices

What we didn’t like:

  • People whose insurance companies aren’t connected with Cake Health can’t get much use out of the service


Company Info:

  • Launched: September 2011
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Founded by: Andy Brett and Rebecca Woodcock
  • Web site:


  • Free


  1. I’m like Cake Health and Simplee. Both are very helpful for keeping track of and paying medical bills/insurance.

    If you have problems with your medical bills or health insurance and do not want to have to deal with it though, our company, Kare360, will do all the work for you. We’ll make sense of the mess and call doctors, hospitals and insurance companies to get the issues resolved for you.

    You can watch our 60 sec “How it works” video at Memberships are available for an affordable monthly fee for unlimited help.

  2. Unless Cake Health is able to input the information of more health insurance companies around the world, I think that App would only be useful to a small group of people. It is useful, I give them that, and the ability to track records and bills would help tremendously.

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