December 10, 2011

Top10 – The Best of the Best

Top10 is a web-app that people can use to share and discover the best of practically anything. In mere seconds, a person using Top10 can find out about the best restaurants in New York City, the spiciest dishes ever invented, and the coolest female characters in British video games. In addition to that, people with knowledge to share can create their own best-of lists around whatever topics interest them most.

Create an account with Top10 and verify your email address to begin. Before you start curating lists on the site, you may want to check out what’s already available. Type in any topic or keyword and a list of previously created lists will appear. Click on a list that looks interesting or useful, and you’ll find a top 10 list with photos and descriptions of each item. At the top of each list you’ll see icons for each user who has contributed. To add your own 2 cents, click the “Start your version” button and get to work. You can remix the current list by add items that other contributors have already suggested, or add a few new items and descriptions of your own. The results of a list are aggregated based on all the users who’ve contributed. Add tags to your list to help it get discovered by other people on the site, and share the shortened URL with friends on Facebook and Twitter. If you find a user whose opinion seems to mirror your own, you can click on that person’s icon to see all the lists that he or she has created.

As time goes on and you find more users whose opinions you agree with, you’ll want to start “following” more and more people on the site, just as you would on Twitter. Once you’ve built up a following of friends, you’ll want to invite some of those friends to contribute to lists where you think their opinions would be valuable. Overall, Top10 is a fun app that’s easy to get lost in and useful when planning trips or deciding which TV shows to watch on a Tuesday night.

Practical Uses:

  • Curate a list of the best ’80s pop songs
  • Get ideas on where to stay when visiting New York City on vacation
  • Find out which slasher flicks people recommend watching
  • See what video games are popular with teenagers right now

Insider Tips:

  • Follow users whose opinions you agree with
  • Sign up for email notifications when your friends create new lists
  • Share lists with your followers on Twitter by using the provided URL
  • Users can create their own profile pages with information about themselves and an image

What we liked:

  • People who use Top10 have already created lists about thousands of subjects
  • Users can contribute to lists that have already been developed
  • Top10 can be a great way to find fun activities in new cities while on trips
  • People who can’t decide which movies to watch or songs to download can get recommendations from users on Top10

What we didn’t like:

  • Although Top10 lists are collaborative, most lists only have one contributor so far


Company Info:

  • Launched: September 2011
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: London, England
  • Founded by: Alex Buttle, Tom Leathes, and Harry Jones
  • Web site:


  • Free

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