December 23, 2011

TaskRabbit – Outsource Basic Errands

If there never seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all the minor tasks and errands on your to-do list, then TaskRabbit may be the solution you’ve been looking for. The innovative web-app makes it possible for people to hire temporary assistants for help accomplishing all types of tasks. TaskRabbit’s assistants – known as TaskRabbits – have all undergone screenings and background checks to protect the safety of people who use TaskRabbit on a regular basis.

TaskRabbit is currently available in five regions across the country, with five more regions coming soon. If your city is among those where TaskRabbit is already operating, then you can pick your city from the list and then post the task you need to get done. Select a category – like shopping, cleaning, or event help – decide whether the task should repeat, and decide whether you want TaskRabbit to auto-assign an assistant or whether you’d prefer to choose the assistant yourself. Add some basic information about the task you need help with, along with your name and how much you’re willing to pay, and then sit back as TaskRabbits begin making bids for your project. If you opted to let TaskRabbit auto-assign you the assistant with the lowest bid, then the decision of how to hire will be made for you. If not, then you’ll need to look through all the bids that come in before making your hiring choice. After the person you’ve hired completes the task, he or she will be paid automatically online.

People who are out of work, underemployed, or retired can fill out applications on the TaskRabbit site to become TaskRabbits in their local areas. Applicants are put through a rigorous screening process that involves video meetings and background checks. Community reviews also help ensure that inefficient TaskRabbits are weeded out over time. TaskRabbits who’ve been selected for the job can make bids on tasks they’re willing to complete and earn money for doing basic things like picking up dry cleaning, going grocery shopping, and planning children’s parties. For people who need help completing minor errands on an infrequent basis and people who are looking for a little extra cash around the holidays, TaskRabbit is a great solution.

Practical Uses:

  • Get someone to take your cat to the vet
  • Hire an assistant to mail packages for your new business
  • Find someone willing to help unpack your things after a big move
  • Make some money helping people clean their houses before the holidays

Insider Tips:

  • The amount that a Poster says he is willing to pay for a job is not visible to Rabbits who are making their bids
  • Tasks will expire if no bids have been selected by a pre-determined time
  • Posters must give TaskRabbit their credit card before hiring an assistant for a job
  • The amount that a Rabbit has to spend to complete a task should not be included in the task price

What we liked:

  • Rabbits are paid online automatically after a job is complete
  • Posters don’t have to go through the awkward process of paying Rabbits in cash
  • Rabbits are all put through multiple screenings and background checks
  • TaskRabbit will help resolve disputes between Posters and Rabbits when they cannot work problems out on their own

What we didn’t like:

  • TaskRabbit is only available in select cities, and people who don’t live in those areas can’t take advantage of the service


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2009
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Founded by: Leah Busque
  • Web site:


  • Service fees are calculated “dynamically” based on the amount of the bid


  1. Great post. There are several good companies with different business models – which tap the power of people and internet to get work done. Here is a comparison list.
    1) WeGoLook : has over 7,000 nationwide “Lookers” (background check verified) who will go anywhere in USA for an onsite inspection. WeGoLook provides visual confirmation and a personalized report, completed by a real person, to verify a product, person, place or thing.
    2) Zaarly: Zaarly is a proximity based, real-time buyer powered market. Buyers make an offer for an immediate need and sellers cash in on an infinite marketplace for items and services they never knew were for sale.
    3) Agent Anything: People can post any service (task, errand, research, etc.) they need accomplished as well as the price they are willing to pay, and college students can perform these services to get paid.

  2. Naveed provides a similar service of taskrabbit in the UK.

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