January 10, 2012

Slice – Get Your Online Shopping In Check

Slice is the perfect tool for people who regularly shop online. The web-based service digs into users’ email inboxes and automatically keeps tabs on all shopping-related messages that come in. With zero effort on a user’s behalf, Slice will pull order confirmations, shipping notifications, and electronic receipts to use when creating a comprehensive record of everything a person has bought, paid for, and received.

With the holiday shopping season kicking into gear, there is no better time to sign up for Slice than now. Create a new account by entering your information by hand, or sign in quickly with an existing Yahoo! or Google account. Slice will import information about all your recent purchases into its system. Scroll down the main screen page to see images of all the products you’ve recently purchased online. Below the merchant’s name you’ll find the status of the purchase: ordered, shipped, or delivered. Click the arrow next to any items that are still in-transit to see when they’ll be arriving at your doorstep, or click “Track Shipments” to visually track where your in-transit purchases are at any time. Slice will save information about all your purchases long after they’ve arrived, making it easy to find receipts and access return information without having to dig through your email archives.

One of the really useful components of Slice is the web-app’s price drop alert feature. Because Slice is automatically recording all your online purchases, it has the capability to track the prices of the items you purchased and notify you immediately when an online discount or sale qualifies you for a potential refund or price adjustment.

Practical Uses:

  • Find out when the books you ordered are scheduled to arrive
  • Track down a receipt for a blouse you need to return or exchange
  • Receive an instant notification when an item you’ve purchased goes on sale
  • Get the return policy for a store without clicking over to its website

Insider Tips:

  • Slice currently supports more than 500 merchants
  • Users can manually forward emails to track purchases from retailers who aren’t recognized by Slice
  • The more email accounts you link to Slice, the more accurate the service will be
  • Accounts automatically update once every 15 minutes

What we liked:

  • The in-transit map lets you see where all your packages are at any given time
  • Slice can track a package even if it’s not sent by a recognized merchant
  • Past purchases can be searched by keyword or order number
  • Slice will save emailed receipts even after they’ve been deleted from your inbox

What we didn’t like:

  • Forwarding an e-receipt to Slice could cause you to have duplicate records


Company Info:


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  1. Thanks for the review! We actually currently support over 1000 merchants automatically, including a growing number of merchants who offer e-receipts (e.g. Nordstrom, Gap).

    We’ve also recently launched a “Track With Friends” feature that lets you share your purchase tracking with someone else (whether or not they’re a Slice user). It’s particularly handy around gift-giving occasions, but is useful anytime you simply want an easy way give your recipient a heads-up about something you’re sending them. More info is here:

  2. This app seems more suitable for consumers and individuals instead of businesses. I wonder if it is powerful enough to track orders for bulky items or huge quantities. If it is that good, it can even be used to manage orders in a supply chain.

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