January 12, 2012

JobPage – Find the Best Candidate for the Gig

JobPage is a tool that businesses can use to recruit job applicants and manage potential candidates for the positions they’re trying to fill. Businesses that use JobPage can take advantage of many of the same tools that professional agencies use when recruiting and managing new talent, without spending a fortune during the process.

Whether you’re looking for a new executive assistant or a new head of development, you’d be wise to check out JobPage for help getting started on the hunt. Select a plan based on the size of your company and the JobPage features you need access to, and you can get started recruiting new talent within just one minute of creating an account. Start building a new ‘job page’ by describing the position you’re looking to fill and selecting the skills that all successful applicants must have, keeping in mind the helpful tips that JobPage provides when typing up the job description. Once your new job page has been created, you’ll want to promote it using all the most popular free IT job boards out there right now. With JobPage, you can post the position on multiple online boards at once – choosing between free and paid boards – while also sharing information about the opening on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and via email.

Visit your analytics page to see how many people are viewing your job posting and how many of the people who saw the posting are actually applying for the gig. JobPage focuses on finding candidates for technical and marketing roles, so your search will be targeted and candidates are more likely to be qualified for the roles you’re trying to fill. You can communicate with candidates who have applied for the position from within the JobPage system – which helps keep things organized and in one place – and track of which applicants have been shortlisted with the help of the application’s helpful ranking features.

Practical Uses:

  • Post job announcements on all the most popular job boards at once
  • Advertise for an open position without spending a bundle on recruitment
  • Track how many people have applied for a job as a developer at your firm
  • Keep a list of your favorite candidates out of those who’ve applied for the job

Insider Tips:

  • JobPage will create questions for candidates based on the required skills you select
  • Job pages can be branded with your company’s logo
  • Use the email referral tool to send your jobs pages to people who might be interested in the position
  • Post the JobPage widget on your own website to increase response rates

What we liked:

  • Analytics tools show employers how people are finding their job pages
  • JobPage offers tips for people when typing up job descriptions and required skills


  • The recruitment task list helps busy professional stay organized throughout the hiring process
  • Users can post their positions on multiple free job boards with a single click


What we didn’t like:

  • JobPage was only built for people filling jobs in the technical and marketing industries
  • The pricing plans can be very expensive for companies without big budgets


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2011
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: London, England
  • Founded by: Matthew Ogston
  • Web site:


  • Bootstrapper plan is $46/month
  • Startup plan is $156/month
  • Business plan is $469/month
  • Managed Service plan is $999/month
  • Global Corp plan is $2,399/month


  1. Thank you for the write up. We appreciate you taking time out to review JobPage.

    We are very pro-active about listening to client feedback and as a result we have:

    1) lowered our prices so that businesses on smaller budgets can now enjoy the benefits of recruiting with JobPage

    2) increased the number of skillsets that can be recruited for using JobPage. So in addition to recruiting high calibre technical and marketing staff, you can now also recruit for legal, admin, HR, financial and sales roles (plus many more!)

    We also offer all new customers a risk-free 7 day free trial

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