April 1, 2012

Usabilla – Get Feedback On Your Designs

Lots of applications help designers and analysts get feedback on their website usability and design. What makes Usabilla unique is that it integrates these tests into a designer’s workflow and offers visualization tools that make it easier for people to make the right revisions.

Looking for ways to improve the user experience on a website you’re building? Usabilla might be able to help. Sign up for an account and choose a pricing plan based on how many tests you need to run each month. Usabilla lets you test your designs at every stage of the process, from sketches and mockups to the final site. Just use the application’s test creation tool and overlay questions directly on your website’s interface. Test takers will offer their responses to questions like, “Where should the search bar be located?” by clicking directly on the spot where they think the bar should be. Usabilla collects this data in its analyzing module, and provides you with all the feedback about your design. In addition to seeing where participants clicked on your site, you can also see how long they spent completing your tests and any notes that were added for clarification.

The testing data that’s collected with Usabilla can be exported as an XML document or in CSV format, and it can quickly be converted into a presentation that you can share with colleagues and clients. Not only does the application offer standard web testing, but it also collects data from test participants using iPhones and Android devices.

Practical Uses:

  • Find out if the website you’ve designed makes sense to readers
  • Get ideas on where to move the search bar on a site you’re working with
  • Learn what your online readers would like to see in the new site you’re developing
  • Collect usability information from people using their smartphones

Insider Tips:

  • Users with paid accounts can make their tests private
  • People can test sketches, mockups, early designs, websites, and images
  • Test participants can use iOS or Android devices
  • Data can be exported in XML or CSV formats

What we liked:

  • Usabilla operates in the background so people can get other work done while participants take their tests
  • The application can be used at all stages of the design process
  • Users can upload screenshots of their sites or provide Usabilla with the URL
  • People making their first tests can choose a predefined task from one of Usabilla’s test cases

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2009 (Beta)
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Founded by: Paul Veugen
  • Web site:


  • Test run is free
  • Small plan is $49/month
  • Standard plan is $89/month
  • Large plan is $199/month

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