April 27, 2012

BlackCamp – Private Investment Management

BlackCamp takes private investment seriously. The web-application helps users organize and optimize their private investments with task lists, record keeping features, and document sharing tools. BlackCamp users can review what’s going on in their portfolios by logging in and viewing their online dashboards from a desktop or mobile phone at any time.

BlackCamp was not built for passive investors. The web-application was developed for investors to enjoy taking active roles in the companies they work with. If this description meshes well with your own style of investing, then sign up for an account and choose a pricing plan based on the number of companies in your portfolio. Enter the appropriate data about all your current investments, and then set your own metrics, performance indicators, goals, and objectives for each company in your portfolio. Each month, BlackCamp will send you an overview that compares the status of your investments to the objectives or goals you previously set out. The application also offers a number of tools that you can use when providing guidance and management to smaller companies, such as task lists, record keeping, and document sharing.

Privacy is always a concern for people managing their investments and financials online. BlackCamp has addressed this issue by providing bank-level security and multi-platform functionality. The application also offers a useful Pitch tool, which investors can use to ask entrepreneurs specific questions about their businesses before deciding whether or not to invest their funds.

Practical Uses:

  • Keep track of the success or failure of your private investments
  • Communicate with potential investment targets
  • Save business plans and personal research in a secure location
  • Record important events and meetings for future reference

Insider Tips:

  • Investors can assign tasks to associates at their portfolio companies
  • BlackCamp works on mobile devices and tablets, as well as desktop computers
  • Users can share documents without sending email attachments
  • BlackCamp offers 256-bit encryption to protect user information

What we liked:

  • BlackCamp gives investors an easy way to communicate with entrepreneurs
  • The dashboard page shows which investments are meeting their target goals
  • Investors can use BlackCamp without worrying about whether their information is secure
  • BlackCamp automatically creates useful charts that investors can use to measure the success of their investments

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:

  • Launched: January 2012
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Zug, Switzerland
  • Founded by: David Dostal and Przemyslaw Kuffel
  • Web site:


  • Bronze plan is $47/month
  • Silver plan is $97/month
  • Black plan is $147/month

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