May 23, 2012

Pathwright – Interactive Learning Online

Pathwright is a learning tool that anyone can use to design interactive courses that students can take online. What makes Pathwright different from competing online classroom applications is that course creators that use this web-app to make money from their work. Pathwright offers all the tools necessary to sell branded courses to virtually anyone in the world.

If you’ve got skills to teach, then why not make some money off of them? With Pathwright, you can follow simple steps to design a new course from scratch. Start by customizing your course with your own logos, artwork, and a subdomain URL that students can visit, then begin adding the videos, audio lectures, and texts that students will use when taking your online class. Pathwright makes it easy to add additional content from sites like Scribd, Vimeo, and YouTube. When your course is complete, you can set a price and start accepting credit card payments from students who register online. Students who’ve signed up for your classes can delve into the coursework and post questions based on the content you’ve added. Courses can be made even more interactive with Q&As and student discussion groups, which Pathwright facilitates through its online platform.

Educators who prefer taking a back seat in the process can allow other instructors to moderate and teach the courses they’ve set up, making it possible for multiple classes of students to take advantage of the coursework a single Pathwright user has created and posted online.

Practical Uses:

  • Help students in remote locations partake in educational activities
  • Post videos and audio lectures for your students to download online
  • Give other educators access to coursework they can use in their own classrooms
  • Charge students to enroll in your advanced-level classes

Insider Tips:

  • Pathwright works on Macs, PCs, iPads, and Kindle Fire devices
  • Users can set up multiple versions of each course, with varying pricing levels
  • Course creators can privately invite certain people to take their courses
  • Older courses can be copied to new classes with updated timelines and due dates

What we liked:

  • Students can take educational courses from anywhere in the world
  • New teachers can benefit from the courses designed by expert educators
  • Instructors can set up their courses to assign grade points automatically
  • Teachers can communicate with students and share feedback through the app

What we didn’t like:

  • It’s unclear how many students would be willing to pay for the courses their instructors set up online


Company Info:


  • Free to start
  • Pay-as-you-go plan is $7 per registration, plus 4% of sales made through Pathwright
  • Scale up plan lets users pre-purchase registrations in bulk


  1. Hi Stephanie, thanks so much for the write-up. This is a great format for reviewing apps.

    One clarification on one of your points:
    You said, “It’s unclear how many students would be willing to pay for the courses their instructors set up online.”

    Just to clarify, the students only pay to access the course if the instructor sets a price for the course. An instructor can offer a course at no cost. This is helpful in the academic context where the student/parent has already paid tuition and also for employee/customer training courses.

    Thanks for the mention!

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