May 30, 2012

Osmosis – Find Out What Your Clients Want

Osmosis is a tool that designers can use to cut through the clutter and get to the heart of whatever it is their clients really want. By sending out straightforward questionnaires at the beginning of each project, designers can make sure they are meeting the needs of their most finicky clients.

Whether you work solo or as part of a team, you’ll appreciate the way Osmosis helps you do business. Rather than bouncing emails back and forth with your client in an effort to find out what he or she really wants, just log in to Osmosis and create a simple questionnaire. The questionnaires you develop can be made from scratch, or you can adapt a questionnaire you previously used on a similar project. Add questions – making sure to give clients ample space to provide their written responses – and include inspiration URLs as examples while you’re still looking to pinpoint a client’s exact style. Osmosis lets you upload files that your client can download and review at any time, and organizes comments into a threaded format for easy sorting.

When your questionnaire is designed and ready to go, send it to your client with a private and secure link. Clients don’t have to worry about putting in any passwords or login names; they can just click once to view all the information you’ve put together. Designers can also use Osmosis to organize multiple projects at all stages of completion, making it easy to convert leads to open projects, and open projects to completed projects.

Practical Uses:

  • Get ideas about what colors and styles your client prefers
  • Track incoming leads from potential clients
  • Find out what your client wants his new website to look like
  • Share important files with colleagues and clients

Insider Tips:

  • Designers can create branded questionnaires for a professional look
  • Clients can view their questionnaires without any passwords or login names
  • All pricing plans let designers work with an unlimited number of clients
  • Users can upload as many documents to their Osmosis accounts as they wish

What we liked:

  • Designers can edit their previously used questionnaires
  • Comments are formatted into a thread, making it easy to find each person’s contributions to the discussion
  • Designers can simplify the intake process when working with potential leads
  • Designers can share projects with their clients with a few simple clicks

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:


  • Solo plan is $9/month
  • Team plan is $29/month


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