June 4, 2012

Exam Professor – Testing in the Digital Age

The truth is, test taking doesn’t end when you graduate from college. Corporate training programs, continuing education courses, and self-assessment seminars almost always culminate in some type of examination or quiz. Exam Professor is a web-application that moves those tests online.

Trainers, educators, and students can all get use out of Exam Professor in different ways. Trainers and educators can easily upload their exam questions into the application to create Flash-based tests that can be published and sold online. To create a new exam from scratch, just add questions, add images, add students, and assign your exam. Students who’ve been assigned your exam will login to the Exam Professor interface to take their tests and view any past graded exams that have been loaded into the system. Exam Professor will handle the grading of exams as soon as each student has finished – decreasing the workload for overburdened educators everywhere – and professors can send individual results to their students’ personal email accounts.

Instructors teaching classes for business purposes can require students to register to take their exams with a credit card, making it easy for educators to collect fees that are then deposited directly into their PayPal accounts. Exam Professor keeps track of all financial recordkeeping, which comes in handy for instructors who need help remembering how much they earned from teaching various courses come tax time.

Practical Uses:

  • Offer your History 101 final exam online
  • Make sure your students get their final exam results back right away
  • Require all your employees to complete a training test online
  • Make money from the business course you’re teaching online

Insider Tips:

  • Instructors can embed exams on their own websites
  • The look of any exam can be customized
  • Exam Professor deposits the money it collects into its instructors’ PayPal accounts
  • Teachers can import their class lists as Excel or CSV files

What we liked:

  • Tests created with Exam Professor look very professional
  • Professors can specify the amount of time students have to complete their exams
  • Instructors can review the questions most likely to be missed on their last exam
  • Students can re-take exams by visiting the online testing center

What we didn’t like:

  • Exam Professor only pays instructors 70% to 85% of each collected transaction


Company Info:


  • Personal account is $9/month
  • Basic account is $24/month
  • Plus account is $49/month
  • Ultimate account is $99/month

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