June 20, 2012

CodeMeet – Coding In a Collaborative Environment

CodeMeet is a collaborative tool that developers working in remote locations can use to work on code together in an online environment. By offering live video and real-time sharing, the interactive web-app makes it possible for teams of developers to work on programming, code, reviews, and technical presentations online.

If you’re looking for an easier way to write code together with your virtual team, then sign up for a CodeMeet account. Instantly, you’ll be able to create your first project and host a CodeMeet session. Each project should get a name, description, Git URL, and tags. CodeMeet’s Git integration makes it possible for coders to push and pull code from a central repository. To truly start working with your team, you’ll want to enable live video integration and personally invite the people whose participation is warranted. Without downloading any outside software, you can host meetings and chat with employees through the CodeMeet live video system. Teams of coders can work together seamlessly, watching as any changes one member makes to the code are updated on every other participant’s screen in real time.

Another important aspect to the CodeMeet platform is its online interviewing and hiring capabilities. Not only can employers see remote applicants in a face-to-face setting, but they can also provide applicants with actual coding problems that they must solve in real time. Employers can see how applicants handle these real world coding problems, and decide for themselves who has the chops to handle the job they’re hiring for.

Practical Uses:

  • Work together with colleagues to quickly find solutions to programming issues
  • Hire a new employee to work at your company
  • Manage important company coding projects online
  • Meet with remote employees face-to-face

Insider Tips:

  • Employers can use the scheduling system to organize candidate interviews
  • CodeMeet offers syntax highlighting for multiple languages
  • All collaboration features are free for open source projects
  • CodeMeet offers one-click resume submission

What we liked:

  • Employers can interview remote candidates without flying them in
  • Managers can watch how applicants respond to real-world coding problems
  • Teams of coders can work together in real time
  • Freelancers can schedule meetings with their teams

What we didn’t like:

  • CodeMeet can be difficult for a coding novice to set up and use


Company Info:


  • Free

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