June 25, 2012

Folloyu – A Seamless Transition From Web to Mobile

Folloyu is an innovative application that business owners and publishers can use to increase conversions on their mobile sites. The web-app makes it possible for online visitors to easily move from one web-enabled device to another while still staying active on a company’s site.

To see how Folloyu works with your own eyes, log on to and create a free account. After copy/pasting the provided code into your business website – or using Folloyu’s CMS plugin – you’ll want to design a custom Folloyu widget or tab. When your website visitors click on the tab you’ve designed, they’ll get access to a special QR code that they can scan with their smartphones or mobile devices. Scanning the QR code opens up a browser window on the mobile device. This browser window is pointed to the direct spot where the customer left off on his last browser, making for a seamless transition. People who don’t have mobile phone cameras or QR code scanners on hand can use Folloyu’s email option instead – easily sending a link to their current web session, which can be opened on another browser at any time.

Not only does Folloyu help publishers increase conversion rates, but it also provides a host of information that business owners can use to decipher their visitors’ mobile habits. Folloyu shows publishers which operating systems and devices their visitors are using, and which pages on their websites are viewed most often. Retailers, publishers, developers, and advertisers can all find innovative ways to make use of the Folloyu app.

Practical Uses:

  • See which mobile devices your website visitors are using
  • Keep customers on your website for longer
  • Make it easier for mobile users to make purchases from your online store
  • Improve your website conversion rates

Insider Tips:

  • Folloyu offers a QR scanning application for Android and iPhone users
  • Folloyu offers plugins for Joomla, WordPress, Blogger, and Drupal sites
  • Publishers with more than one site can install separate Folloyu tabs on each of the sites they run
  • Folloyu works on any device or operating system

What we liked:

  • Publishers can install Folloyu on their sites in less than five minutes
  • People can keep watching videos or reading articles even after their mobile phones have lost battery power
  • Folloyu won’t impact a site’s performance
  • People with older devices can use Folloyu’s email feature rather than the QR scanner

What we didn’t like:

  • Publishers with mobile versions of their sites have to install the Folloyu’s Javascript code twice


  • None

Company Info:

  • Launched: 2012
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Even Yehuda, Israel
  • Founded by: Alfred Shaffir
  • Web site:


  • Free

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