June 27, 2012

PeoplePlotr – Track Your Family History

Interested in exploring your family tree? PeoplePlotr is an online tool that people can use to dig deep and find their familial roots. In addition to creating interactive timelines and graphs that show the relationship between members of the same family, people can also use PeoplePlotr to create company hierarchies and friendship graphs that they can embed on their websites and blogs.

Select a PeoplePlotr pricing plan based on the number of plots you plan to make, and then get started by creating a title for your first plot. Choose a background image for your plot by entering the URL of any image you like, or importing an image directly from Flickr. Now it’s time to start adding all your relatives. Drag a male or female relative from the bottom of your plot page to the top right-hand side of your screen, and then enter any information about the person you want to include. You can add photos and videos of each person in your plot, and even create color-coded categories – like direct family, ancestor, or partner – to keep large plots more organized.

When you’re done working on your plot, set the plot to ‘public’ and send out the unique URL provided by PeoplePlotr. For even easier sharing, you can embed your plot on a website or blog, understanding that PeoplePlotr will limit the number of views your plot can receive based on the pricing plan you’ve chosen.

Practical Uses:

  • Surprise your grandparents with a family tree
  • Create an interactive ancestry tree for a school project
  • Make a company hierarchy for new employees to study
  • Post a plot of all your closest friends on your personal blog

Insider Tips:

  • PeoplePlotr integrates with Flickr, YouTube, and Vimeo
  • Users can embed plots on their own websites and blogs
  • PeoplePlotr plots can be made public or private
  • Each plot gets its own unique URL

What we liked:

  • The process to create a new plot is very simple
  • Plots are interactive, so users can watch videos and see photos of their loved ones
  • Users can update their plots with additional information at any time
  • People can use PeoplePlotr for more than just creating family trees

What we didn’t like:

  • Users with Bronze accounts can only have 5,000 embeddable plot views per month


Company Info:


  • Free account
  • Bronze account is $7.50/month
  • Silver account is $20/month

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