July 18, 2012

Mavendi – Smarter Spending For Online Shoppers

The majority of online retail stores require that shoppers hand over their personal email addresses to receive electronic receipts and future shipment confirmations. What often ends up happening as a result, however, is that shoppers are bombarded with marketing offers and spam emails in the days and weeks after giving out their contact information. Mavendi is an application that puts an end to all of that.

Mavendi serves a dual purpose for people who enjoy shopping online on a frequent basis. In addition to helping prevent spam from electronic marketers, the web-application serves as an expense-tracking tool for people having a hard time gauging how their shopping habits are affecting their monthly budgets. Enter a bit of personal information, and you’ll get your own Mavendi ID. Your Mavendi ID looks like a typical email address, but includes far more features than your average Gmail or Outlook account. Start handing over your Mavendi ID when merchants ask for your email address or personal contact information, and Mavendi will forward important messages on to your preferred email account. In addition to preventing spam from entering your sphere, Mavendi also saves all the electronic receipts that pass through your Mavendi ID account for future tax write-offs and product exchanges or returns.

To see how much damage you’ve done shopping each month, just log in to your Mavendi account and check out how much you’ve spent in each shopping category. For an even deeper look at your spending patterns, you can create your own categories and re-organize saved receipts to get a more accurate view of how much you’re spending online.

Practical Uses:

  • Quickly get access to receipts when you need to return an item
  • Find out how much you’ve spent on clothing this month
  • Prevent spam from getting into your email inbox
  • Keep all of your expense records archived online

Insider Tips:

  • Users can create their own spending categories
  • Mavendi works for people using the dollar, pound, or euro
  • People can forward their existing e-receipts to Mavendi for safekeeping
  • Mavendi IDs are automatically generated based on a user’s name

What we liked:

  • Mavendi helps prevent people’s email inboxes from being flooded with marketing offers
  • All receipts that go through Mavendi are safely archived in the cloud
  • Mavendi lets people categorize spending by merchant
  • People can quickly find important receipts during tax-time

What we didn’t like:

  • Mavendi is very similar to a number of competing expense-tracking applications


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2012
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany
  • Founded by: Paul Jozefak and Michael Backes
  • Web site:


  • Free

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