August 5, 2012

ScheduleOnce – Flexible Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling a meeting can be the worst, especially when two or more of the people involved have busy personal or professional lives to contend with. Rather than emailing back and forth to find a time and date that works for everyone involved, ScheduleOnce users can invite their colleagues to book appointments and schedule meetings through an online system that guarantees everyone is free at whichever time is selected.

Whether you’re a realtor, a reporter, or a businessperson who meets with clients on a regular basis, you understand how difficult it can be to find a meeting time that works for everyone on a particular project. To start making that process easier, sign up for ScheduleOnce and connect ScheduleOnce to your personal and professional calendars. The data from these calendars will be used to populate your MeetMe page. Send a link to your MeetMe page when scheduling client meetings, and your clients can select a time when you’re definitely available to chat. You can even create multiple MeetMe pages for different types of meetings or appointments. When a client or vendor is ready to book an appointment, he or she can hit the “Book Now” button. Doing so immediately updates any calendars you’ve linked to the ScheduleOnce system and blocks out that time so other clients won’t mistakenly schedule meetings for times when you’re already busy.

In addition to handling individual scheduling issues, ScheduleOnce also works well for larger teams that need help organizing group meetings and client bookings. Individual MeetMe pages can be linked to a group BookNow page, allowing customers to book appointments with their favorite representatives based on availability.

Practical Uses:

  • Quickly schedule meetings with your colleagues
  • Encourage vendors to schedule meetings through the online system
  • Let clients book their massage appointments online
  • Make sure your work meetings don’t conflict with your personal life

Insider Tips:

  • Individual users can link multiple calendars to a single ScheduleOnce account
  • Create separate MeetMe pages for different types of meetings
  • ScheduleOnce integrates with Google products
  • Schedule conference rooms and resources through the ScheduleOnce system

What we liked:

  • ScheduleOnce helps expedite the process of picking a meeting time
  • Both parties are sent a confirmation when a meeting time is chosen
  • Companies can use ScheduleOnce to facilitate customer scheduling
  • ScheduleOnce automatically handles all time zone issues

What we didn’t like:

  • Users with Basic, Plus, and Premium accounts don’t get access to BookNow pages


Company Info:


  • Free 14-day trial
  • Basic plan is free
  • Plus plan is $5/month
  • Premium plan is $9/month
  • Professional plan is $19/month
  • Workgroup plan is $29/month
  • Enterprise plan is $49/month


  1. I agree I definitely didn’t like that you have to be a premium member to get access to the book now pages I hate it when people set up their sites that way.

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