August 7, 2012

ArrangeMySeat – Custom Seating Plans Created By Guests

Arriving at a formal event without an assigned seat can give guests reason to panic, as choosing which table to sit at and which guests to sit with can be too much for many people with social anxieties. ArrangeMySeat is a web-application that does away with that anxiety by letting people choose where they’ll sit at weddings, banquets, and graduation parties well ahead of the actual events.

Although ArrangeMySeat is primarily an application for creating seating plans, it also offers a number of additional tools that event planners and guests will find useful. Start by creating a free account and entering as many details as possible about your upcoming event. As the event creator, you can decide whether to implement open registration or require that guests have an access code to RSVP. If you already know how many guests you’re expecting, then you can add tables for your event, making sure to include information about how many people can sit at each table. This information will be available, along with basic details like the location and start time, on the event registration page. Send a link to this page to all your guests – making sure to include access codes, if necessary – and your guests can choose for themselves where they would like to sit.

If you’d rather not give guests the option of choosing where to sit, you can still get use out of the ArrangeMySeat app. Change up the settings and you can personally make seat selections for all your guests. ArrangeMySeat’s visual seating plan tool makes it easy to visualize where your guests will be sitting in relation to one another, and you can easily print out or export your plans to share with a venue coordinator or caterer. You can also use ArrangeMySeat to address any special dietary concerns, and ask guests which meal choices they’d prefer.

Practical Uses:

  • Make a seating plan for your wedding
  • Let the guests at your graduation party decide where they’d like to sit
  • Make sure your feuding in-laws are sitting on opposite sites of the room
  • Find out which guests would prefer the vegetarian meal option

Insider Tips:

  • Event organizers can allow open or closed registration
  • Multiple ArrangeMySeat users can collaborate on an event
  • Guests can fall into multiple types, like bridal party, children, or family
  • Each event registration pages includes a Google map showing the venue location

What we liked:

  • Guests can easily share their meal preferences with the party host
  • Picky wedding guests can choose for themselves who they’d like to sit by
  • Event planners can give each guest a unique access code, which can be tracked to determine whether that person has confirmed
  • Wedding planners can use the visual seat planner to see how far apart they’ve placed certain family members and wedding guests

What we didn’t like:

  • The fee that organizers pay is based on how many guests have chosen their seats through the app


Company Info:


  • $75 to publish an event for registration
  • $1.50 per successful seat chosen


  1. Jessie

    So glad you mentioned Social Tables! We planned our wedding seating with the site and it was SO easy, I was convinced that seating would be the worst part of planning but it may have been the most fun!

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