August 9, 2012

ChoiceResponse – Quick Emails, Quicker Replies

When you’re corresponding with your grandmother or a distant relative, being able to write at length is a valuable aspect of traditional email. For everyday communication, however, words sometimes have the tendency to get in the way. ChoiceResponse is a tool meant to address this problem; giving people a way to quickly solicit feedback and opinions from their colleagues without getting inundated with unnecessary responses at the same time.

At its core, ChoiceResponse is a web-application that gives people a way to send multiple-choice emails. These emails can be replied to with one-click, making it easy for people to respond quickly to messages no matter how busy they may be. To use ChoiceResponse, drag a special link to your toolbar. The next time you’re sending an email that could benefit from a quick response, just highlight the text and click on the ChoiceResponse bookmarklet tool before sending your email. The person who receives your message will see each suggested reply you’ve typed up shown as individual links, and that person can click on one of those links to submit his or her response. People who respond to messages with ChoiceResponse can also submit a brief comment, which is a great way to clarify issues that may be somewhat complicated.

Although ChoiceResponse currently only works for Gmail and Google Apps users, the web-application is coming soon to Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail,, and the iPhone. People who feel like they spend too much time corresponding with colleagues and clients can use ChoiceResponse to cut down on the time they spend collecting feedback and responses to basic questions each day.

Practical Uses:

  • Find out where your staff would like to order lunch from today
  • Ask your friends what time they prefer seeing a movie on Friday night
  • Gauge how much interest people are showing in your latest product
  • Set up a quick phone meeting with an important client

Insider Tips:

  • ChoiceResponse is available for people who use Google Apps and Gmail
  • Users must drag the bookmarklet tool to their browser toolbars
  • Recipients can add their own comments after selecting a response
  • People can respond to messages from their mobile phones

What we liked:

  • People who use ChoiceResponse can get quick replies to their emails
  • ChoiceResponse is basic enough that anyone can figure out how to choose a response and reply to a message
  • Busy professionals can spend less time going back-and-forth when setting up meetings
  • ChoiceResponse scales across many browsers and screen sizes

What we didn’t like:

  • ChoiceResponse only works with Gmail and Google Apps


  • None

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  • Free

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