September 18, 2012

SimpleSafe – Centralized Security Management

Securing sensitive data like company passwords and credentials isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Add in a team of colleagues who’ve all got access to important files, alongside selected clients and freelancers, and data security can quickly get thrown out the window. SimpleSafe is a self-hosted password and credential management system that teams can use to store important information in a protected space.

To start sharing credentials and other sensitive information with your team, sign up for a SimpleSafe account and head straight to the dashboard page. Start by setting up groups and fields, and adding the appropriate passwords, credentials, and other login information for websites, email accounts, or software licenses you manage. The way you choose to organize this information is up to you — SimpleSafe supports a number of customization options, making it easy to set up groups, data fields, and various settings in whichever ways you wish. Next, it’s time to add some users. Create accounts for each member of your team, setting up unique access levels to prevent anyone from seeing information that should be off limits.

Speed up your workflow and keep private passwords more secure by using keyboard shortcuts and SimpleSafe’s one-click copy to clipboard feature when accessing information you’ve saved in your account. All password fields in SimpleSafe are encrypted and viewable only by hovering over the password itself.

Practical Uses:

  • Keep your company passwords safe
  • Make sure your clients’ website logins don’t get into the wrong hands
  • Prevent temps from accessing sensitive credentials
  • Ensure the right people at your company have access to passwords and credential information

Insider Tips:

  • Encrypted passwords are only exposed when a user hovers over them
  • Advanced users can customize their encryption method
  • Users can import data into SimpleSafe using .txt or .csv files
  • SimpleSafe recommends that people use HTTPS connections to ensure their data remains secure

What we liked:

  • Users can sort passwords any way they wish
  • An unlimited number of users can be added to a company account
  • Passwords and credentials can be sorted by group
  • People can customize the fields they use in SimpleSafe based on their own needs

What we didn’t like:

  • Users are in charge of maintaining their own database backups


Company Info:


  • SimpleSafe charged a one-time fee of $45


  1. While I’m flattered, the company is actually not mine. I ran a project a few years ago called “SimpleSafeApp” funded on Kickstarter but have since closed doors on it. You can still find the android app online.

    However, there is no affiliation to

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