October 22, 2012

PublikDemand – Get Your Voice Heard

Major companies let us down every day. Banks are adding fees, airlines are cutting flights, and retail chains are donating money to causes that most of us don’t support. PublikDemand is a web-app that anyone can use to voice their complaints to large companies and make sure their concerns are heard by the people in charge.

Start on a path toward getting your issue resolved by visiting the PublikDemand site and typing in the name of the company you’re upset with. PublikDemand guides you through the process of crafting your complaint, providing you with helpful tips along the way to ensure your issue is taken seriously and routed to the appropriate officials. Enter a few keywords describing whatever it is you’re hoping the company you’re writing to will change – making sure to include actions words like “refund” or “stop” whenever possible – and then type up a short description of the problem that led to your current complaint. The easiest way to publish a public complaint against a company is to post it on Facebook, however you should also create an account with PublikDemand to post your complaint on the site.

Encourage friends, family, and colleagues to support your complaint by sending a link to your post via email. People who follow your link can support your issue, share it with other people they know, and leave comments with their own stories of similar dissatisfactions. When 100 people have become supporters of your complaint, PublikDemand’s representatives will step in and begin working with the company you’re upset with directly to find a solution to your problem.

Practical Uses:

  • File a complaint over excessive airline baggage fees
  • Make sure everyone knows that your cable company has increased its costs
  • Support a friend’s mission to improve customer service at a certain restaurant chain
  • Share your husband’s complaint against the phone company with friends online

Insider Tips:

  • People can initiate campaigns against Fortune 1000 companies
  • PublikDemand integrates with Facebook
  • Users can invite their friends to comment on their complaints
  • Users can browse complaints registered against popular companies

What we liked:

  • The site gives people a way to fight back against big corporations
  • Most people with valid complaints should be able to find 100 users to support their cause
  • PublikDemand is focused on helping people fight back against major companies, not mom and pop operations
  • PublikDemand shows all the complaints a user has lodged when you click on that person’s profile

What we didn’t like:

  • The site doesn’t give people an easy way to add supporting documents to bolster their complaints


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