October 31, 2012

Swydo – The Online Marketer’s Toolkit

Swydo is a project management system designed with online marketers in mind. The web-based system can be used by marketers to manage customer relationships, ongoing projects, and all kinds of company-wide tasks. Even better: the application can create full-scale business reports that marketers can use prove their value to clients in just five short minutes.

Whatever tools your business needs to better serve its clients, there’s a good chance you can find them in Swydo. Create a company account and upload any relevant information about the clients you represent. Transfer any lingering tasks from your written to-do list into Swydo, and set up recurring tasks for any marketing chores that need to be done on an ongoing basis (like checking keyword positions). Assign specific tasks to colleagues based on each person’s skills and areas of expertise, making sure to specify how much time each task should take to complete. You can also collaborate on documents and sync your calendars with colleagues from within the Swydo system, thanks to the web-app’s integration with Google Docs and Google Calendar.

To create custom reports for clients, integrate your Swydo account with Google AdWords and Google Analytics. These reports can focus on upcoming goals, SEO, PPC, or social media, making it easy to show your clients key performance indicators like visit rates, bounce rates, and conversions. The reports you create can even be made to include your logo, giving them a completely custom and professional look.

Practical Uses:

  • Create marketing reports for your clients
  • Assign tasks to a colleague at your firm
  • Collaborate on a presentation with your manager
  • Track the time you’ve spent working on a particular marketing campaign

Insider Tips:

  • Swydo integrates with a number of Google apps
  • Users can sync their calendars through Swydo
  • Marketers can use Swydo as a place to store all their contact information
  • Companies can upload logos to their Swydo reports

What we liked:

  • Swydo is a project management app designed specifically with marketers in mind
  • Managers can track projects and see how much time has been spent on a particular client
  • Marketers can give their clients access to Swydo
  • Anyone can set up recurring tasks

What we didn’t like:

  • Companies that don’t use Google Calendar and Google Docs may have trouble integrating their work into the Swydo platform


Company Info:

  • Launched: April 2012
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Founded by: Jeroen Maljers
  • Web site:


  • Professional account is €60/month
  • Boutique account is €115/month
  • Loft account is €360/month
  • No Limit account is €850/month


  1. Swydo is an excellent tool for project management that I have started using it recently. It is very simple and effective tool which comes available with google chrome web store. It has got integration with most of the google apps. It is very easy to integrate with your google analytics from swydo.

    I have recently launched my new website , i have used swydo for managing the complete project. Creating the tasks,timeline management is very simple and effective. Create the task list for the daily,weekly and invite your collegues to assign the tasks. We can see the progress of each task under the progress tab.
    Swydo allows analysis of google adwords campaigns, creation of custom reports and pulling a pdf report is very easy.

    Swydo is a perfect tool for project management and online marketing.

  2. Between the time this excellent article was written (Oct-2012) and now (March-2014) a lot of things have changed in Swydo. We added a lot more functionality like Scheduling of reports, Monitoring of important KPI’s and improved our User Interface on reporting.
    Currently we are working with 6 people from our office locations in The Netherlands to keep improving Swydo and create the best Online Marketing Reporting and Monitoring Environment for our customers around the world.
    Swydo changed the pricing a bit in the higher plans, and still offers the Free Plan which gives all functionality (except Scheduling) for Free !!

    Just give Swydo a try and let us know what you think.
    At the bottom-right there’s that Support-button. Click it, start a chat or ask a question. We’re online most of the time during Europe’s daylight hours and are glad to help you in using Swydo in your organisation.


    Bert Catsburg

  3. Marketers and businesses looking into finding an online dashboard platform should try out It has better customized features, more campaign integration with other web, digital, social and analytics platforms and you can save almost 40% of time by logging into a single dashboard to check the performance of all your campaigns and it also offers a free 30-day trial.

  4. Dan Furtado

    We switched from Swydo to Reporting Ninja a couple of months ago. It is really worth checking it .Personally I believe it is more flexible and powerfull, and at the same time cheaper.

  5. M.

    I’ve tried both Swydo and ReportingNinja,

    Warning to those considering ReportingNinja: Based on me/my company’s experience, the client-facing systems (such as the “client portals”) are extremely slow and/or unresponsive to clients at times. Plus, ReportingNinja only offers 4 or 5 Data Source integration options, and the PDF reporting feature tends to hardly ever function accurately/consistently. Our clients were experiencing so many problems with the service through ReportingNinja that it began affecting our business’ image. To top it off, customer service (support) was beyond poor. Probably the worst you could imagine (rude, unhelpful, even disrespectful). We cancelled right away and I DO NOT RECOMMEND ReportingNinja.

    I have found that Swydo does not offer account owners the ability to create customized, branded “client portals” (which is a huge downside). Swydo should consider offering a minimal client portal, with a custom URL option: (not just a subdomain from a swydo domain), as well as email branding for that portal (already basically exists for reporting feature).

    The absence of these “Live” reporting features (and branding customization options) are really holding Swydo back (I think). That being said, I think that their (Swydo’s) customer service is amazing, and all of the features that Swydo offers are very well constructed. Excellent UX/UI. There are many Data Source options to choose from as well. If you do not need branded client portals (you only need PDF reporting for clients), then I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Swydo all-the-way…

    …Unfortunately, I need fully branded, live-access client portals for my clients! Otherwise, I’d be a Swydo customer for sure.

    TapClick/TapAnalytics seems interesting. As does NinjaCat, and ReportDash. We have not tested those yet — but we will soon 🙂

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