November 21, 2012

Kunvay – Legally Own the Work You Purchase

Just because you purchase a logo or an app design from a freelancer doesn’t necessarily mean you own the rights to that work. Kunvay is a tool that people can use to transfer the copyright and intellectual property ownership of the creative work they purchase into their own names.

Transferring the copyright for any digital work can be done through three basic steps. Ask the freelancer who is doing work for your company to upload his completed projects to the Kunvay site. Once the logo, illustration, design, photo, or article has been uploaded, you’ll receive a notification from Kunvay inviting you to download and review the file before signing off on the project. When you click “Approve,” Kunvay will immediately transfer escrowed copyright and intellectual property ownership into your name. You can download the IP transfer documentation to your computer, to reference at a later date if your ownership of the files you’ve purchased ever comes into questions.

Kunvay is just as beneficial for freelancers as it is for the clients they’re doing business with. By using Kunvay, designers can protect their work and save money on contracts and other legal fees. Kunvay’s fees are always paid by the client, with IP transfer costs based on the number of files involved in a project.

Practical Uses:

  • Make sure your company owns its own logo
  • Prevent a freelancer from using your company’s app design for another project
  • Provide an incentive for clients to pay you for your work
  • Save money in legal fees when negotiating copyrights with clients

Insider Tips:

  • Freelancers and clients can download full IP documentation from Kunvay
  • Clients can require that freelancers get sign-offs on their projects before payments go through
  • Kunvay agreements are governed by the laws of New York State
  • The total value of property being transferred cannot exceed $10,000

What we liked:

  • Companies can prevent designers from re-using the work they made for their businesses
  • Kunvay contracts are more secure than generic transfer agreement templates
  • Businesses can trust designers who sell their work through Kunvay
  • People can purchase creative products without the risk of having to pay royalties in the future

What we didn’t like:

  • Clients can’t actually pay for work through the Kunvay app


Company Info:

  • Launched: July 2012
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: New Haven, Connecticut
  • Founded by: Reggie Solomon
  • Web site:


  • Prices range from $19 to transfer 1 file, to $199 to transfer 50 files


  1. Thanks so much for reviewing Kunvay and for the wonderful review. We’ve updated our pricing since you published this article and are even an more affordable way to take handle copyright and intellectual property ownership transfers online with assurance.

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