December 5, 2012

7Moments – Private Photo Sharing For Families

Not every photo you take necessarily needs to be shared with the entire world. When it comes time to post private photos of precious events like births, birthday parties, and family vacations, more people are turning away from large photo posting sites, like Facebook and Flickr, and toward more private alternatives, like 7Moments.

7Moments strikes just the right balance when it comes to posting private photos online. The photo album creator lets you create private groups, which can view only the photos you select. Start your first album and upload any photos you wish to include, then invite the people who you’d like to share that album with. 7Moments lets you invite different people for different albums, which means you can let your parents see photos of your new daughter without necessarily letting them see photos from the spring break trip you took to Cancun in college. Similarly, you can invite work friends to view the photos you post of a company picnic, without letting them see photos from your honeymoon or a private family event.

Anyone who is invited into an album can contribute their own photos to that album, which means 7Moments is a great way to collect photos you may not have known existed from major events like weddings and family reunions. Album contributors can also comment on photos and download the full resolution images, which prevents you from having to email full size photos to friends who want their own copies.

Practical Uses:

  • Share photos of your child’s birth with family members
  • Invite wedding guests to upload their own photos to a group album
  • Give your sister access to the full resolution images you took of her kids during a recent visit
  • Prevent your boss from seeing your party pics

Insider Tips:

  • People can import photos from Facebook
  • Drag photos to the uploader tool to add them to an album
  • Only people invited to participate in an album can view the photos in that album
  • Photos can be viewed on any web browser, including tablets and iPhones

What we liked:

  • People don’t have to worry about using the correct permissions or privacy settings, since all photos on 7Moments are automatically private
  • 7Moments supports most types of photo files
  • Photos can be downloaded in full resolution at any time
  • Album creators can uninvite people from their albums

What we didn’t like:

  • People have to sign up and join 7Moments to participate in group albums


Company Info:

  • Launched: September 2012
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Berlin, Germany
  • Founded by: Markus Angermeier, David Linner, and Stefan Kellner
  • Web site:


  • Free


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