January 2, 2013

Firefly – Browser-sharing For Remote Support

There’s only so much that a service representative can do to help a confused online customer without knowing what that person is seeing on his or her computer screen. Firefly is a customer service support tool that businesses can use to help people navigate their products online.

Start improving the customer support that your company provides by signing up for Firefly and adding a few lines of code to your site’s header tag. By adding this code, you create a Firefly support button that shows up on the right side of every page on your site. Customers who get confused when they’re using your site can click on this button to get a special code and a phone number, which they can call for immediate help. Entering the code provided by the customer gives your support representative an easy way to connect to that customer’s browser and see everything that’s appearing on his or her screen. Representatives can then point customers to the areas they’re looking for by highlighting hard-to-find elements (like Buy Now buttons, or Terms of Service agreements), and they can watch as forms are filled out to ensure new inaccuracies aren’t introduced into the equation.

As a manager, you can make sure your customer service representatives are fulfilling their duties by keeping a close eye on the analytics that Firefly provides. The application lets you see average call times, as well as the number of calls that have come through the app in a given day. Managers can even watch screenshare requests in real-time, which is useful when training or evaluating junior-level staffers.

Practical Uses:

  • Help new users navigate the web-application you created
  • Provide assistance to customers who aren’t sure how to use your site
  • Increase the percentage of customers who complete transactions on your site
  • Measure the quality of your customer support employees

Insider Tips:

  • Support staffers can only see the specific page a visitor is on, not that person’s entire computer
  • Firefly redacts sensitive information when employees watch customers filling out forms
  • Firefly’s highlighting tool works on all major browsers
  • Users with premium plans can add “stealth mode” buttons to their sites, which only show up when customers press certain keyboard shortcuts

What we liked:

  • Browser-sharing is more private than total screensharing
  • Website visitors can get better help with browser-sharing than they could with traditional telephone support
  • Firefly works completely in the browser with just a few lines of Javascript
  • Managers can watch any screenshares their employees are participating in

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2012
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Founded by: Dan Shipper, Patrick Leahy, and Justin Meltzer
  • Web site:


  • Small business plan is $14/month
  • Professional plan is $29/month
  • Ultimate plan is $59/month


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