February 27, 2013

amoCRM – Track Sales Through the Pipeline


amoCRM is a customer relationship and sales management platform that small businesses can use to turn leads into customers. Busy teams can work together within the amoCRM platform to close more deals in less time, while utilizing sales analysis tools to keep track of exactly where they left off with each potential client.

amoCRM helps companies increase sales in four basic steps. Once your company has created an account, you’ll need to input details about all your current customers and potential leads into the amoCRM platform, making sure to include information like the lead’s title, main contact, company name, and budget. Next, you’ll want to record the outcomes of any past negotiations, whether they were successful or not, along with the current status of each lead you just entered into the system. Set up basic tasks and reminders as a way to remember which day you should follow up with each potential lead, and use amoCRM’s sales analysis tools to review company statistics and locate new opportunities for improvement within your sales structure.

In addition to its sales management and customer relationship tools, amoCRM also offers a contact management system that is easy to use. Company administrators can select unique access levels for each employee account, preventing lower-level staffers from having access to sensitive data while still allowing them to see basic lead information.

Practical Uses:

  • Convert more leads into clients
  • See when your colleagues have closed major deals
  • Follow up with sales leads at the right time
  • Review your sales pipeline to look for signs of bottlenecking

Insider Tips:

  • Users can add customized fields to armoCRM’s sales reports
  • Leads can be filtered by tag or status
  • Developers can use the amoCRM API to create unique applications
  • amoCRM is integrated with Google Apps

What we liked:

  • It takes less than 30 seconds to update any lead
  • amoCRM can help companies identify existing clients who might be interested in upgrading their services
  • Users can see the entire history of a lead on a single page
  • Administrators can give higher access levels to key employees

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2011
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Founded by: QSOFT
  • Web site:


  • Free plan
  • Solo plan is $10/month
  • Starter plan is $19/month
  • Optimal plan is $49/month
  • Premium plan is $99/month


  1. I have been using amoCRM for some time now. It’s been a great help in tracking my leads.

    One thing the review didn’t mention is that amoCRM is a growing project with new features popping up every few weeks.

    I have really enjoyed using the email integration feature they rolled out a few months ago. It really does save me a lot of time.

    I also like the widgets they have available. I have used their MailChimp and Wufoo widgets and can say that they are really useful as well.

    I believe they have a Facebook and Zendesk widget as well. Haven’t used those unfortunately.

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