March 19, 2013

Inky – Sort Email By Relevance


For years, email inboxes have all looked pretty similar. New messages are placed at the top, while older messages get shoved aside and pushed toward the bottom, regardless of their importance to the recipient. Inky is an email client that does away with chronological order and sorts email by relevance instead.

Download the Inky app for Mac or Windows, and connect your favorite email account to the service. Not only can you link up your current email to Inky (the app works with any IMAP or POP account), but you can also add additional email accounts at any time. Inky will sync incoming messages with your email providers, and sort those messages based on importance. Messages that come from your closest friends, loved ones, and business contacts show up alongside a blue drop icon and appear at the top of your Inky inbox, while spam messages and other unimportant emails are automatically faded out and sent to the bottom.

Inky understands that you don’t just get important emails from your friends and coworkers. To ensure you don’t miss out on important emails from companies or new acquaintances, the platform offers what it calls “Smart Views,” which is a way to view email segmented by topic. Check out all the messages from daily deal sites, for example, before moving on to the emails from your favorite social networking sites or professional associations. The messages you read will be synced across all your email clients, ensuring that anything you read on your home computer doesn’t show up as unread when you get back to the office.

Practical Uses:

  • Save time going through your email inbox each morning
  • Never miss an important email from a relative
  • Go through all the emails you’ve gotten from daily deal companies at once
  • Sync your email account at work and at home

Insider Tips:

  • Individual emails never go through Inky’s servers
  • Inky works with any IMAP or POP email account
  • Users can switch back and forth between their regular email client and Inky without worrying that their messages will become un-synced
  • People can add additional email addresses to their Inky accounts at any time

What we liked:

  • Setting up an account is as easy as entering an email address and password
  • Inky automatically suggests additional recipients to add when sending group messages
  • Important emails are highlighted with the blue drop icon, while unimportant emails fade into the background
  • Users can switch back and forth between Inky and their provider’s email website

What we didn’t like:

  • Some people may not feel comfortable having their email passwords stored on Inky’s servers


Company Info:

  • Launched: May 2012
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Bethesda, Maryland
  • Founded by: Arcode
  • Web site:


  • Free


  1. Hi all! Mailbird beta launches April 2nd.

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