April 2, 2013

GoalsOnTrack – Accomplish More By Doing Less

Forget common sense. GoalsOnTrack is a web-application that flies in the face of that, providing its users with a way to accomplish more by doing less. With GoalsOnTrack, paper to-do lists and Excel spreadsheets get pushed aside in favor of an online dashboard with visualizing tools, time trackers, and other features meant to spur productivity.

GoalsOnTrack considers itself a goal achievement and personal development system. To put yourself on the path toward success, create an account and enter your goals into the GoalsOnTrack dashboard. GoalsOnTrack encourages you to create goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound) using its pre-designed templates. From there, you can prioritize your goals and focus on the tasks that are more likely to lead you toward accomplishment. Add images to help you visualize success, and track the time you spend online to avoid wasting precious minutes that could be better spent doing actual work.

GoalsOnTrack encourages users to keep a journal of their progress as a way to stay motivated toward completing their goals, and uses the work-time data that people input to create three-dimensional charts that they can use to review their progress at any time. In addition to its desktop capabilities, GoalsOnTrack also offers a mobile version of its dashboard that people can use to keep track of tasks, accomplishments, and everyday habits when they’re not at home or in the office.

Practical Uses:

  • Get closer to achieving your goal of starting a business
  • Write down everything you need to do to be able to run a marathon next year
  • Visually see how you spend the majority of your time online
  • Keep a journal detailing everything you’re doing to reach your goals

Insider Tips:

  • Add “subgoals” to each goal on your list
  • Include tasks on your online calendar
  • Use the drag-and-drop tools to re-prioritize your daily tasks
  • GoalsOnTrack offers a mobile app for smartphones

What we liked:

  • GoalsOnTrack shows exactly how close users are to accomplishing specific goals
  • Scrolling through images on a visualization board is great way to stay motivated
  • Templates automatically include all the most common steps to achieving popular goals, like buying a first home or saving for a family vacation
  • People can print out a daily planner that lists their active goals and tasks for the day

What we didn’t like:

  • The online time tracker has an upper limit at four hours


Company Info:


  • $68 per year

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