May 1, 2013

Volerro – Taking Teamwork Online

Volerro is an application that teams can use to collaborate on work assignments in the cloud. Plugged in colleagues can review, edit, and annotate virtually any type of content remotely, allowing companies with telecommuters to stay organized, agile, and secure.

Volerro doesn’t require new users to enter a credit card when registering for an account, which means you can be up and running with the application in just a few quick minutes. Start a new project by sending the file you’re working on to Volerro supports files made with MS Office and Adobe, as well as most images, videos, and audio clips. The content you upload to Volerro can be organized by process step or type of content. Just create a new “board” for each step of your project and move content from board to board as the project progresses. Colleagues can review any of the files you upload to Volerro from their iPads or personal computers, and they can use Volerro’s annotation and commenting tools as a way to provide feedback without bombarding you with new emails.

Just because a team works on its projects in the cloud, doesn’t mean the data it shares isn’t secure. Volerro works to ensure the privacy of all its user data by providing a bevy of permissions and access options for users, as well as locked boards and private projects that limit access to specific team members. Project creators can set their own permissions and apply company branding across any boards they create, making Volerro an ideal solution for businesses looking for a streamlined way to encourage team collaboration in an online setting.

Practical Uses:

  • Edit a colleague’s marketing report
  • Work on a sales pitch with your team
  • Check on the progress of a group assignment from your iPad
  • Prevent entry-level staffers from accessing your company’s market research

Insider Tips:

  • Volerro offers HTML5 compliant design
  • Companies can apply corporate branding elements to their Volerro projects
  • The timeline shows all the activity within a given project
  • Volerro works best on Google Chrome

What we liked:

  • Remote workforces can collaborate on projects in real-time
  • Volerro can be used to manage almost any type of content
  • Volerro tracks all file revisions automatically
  • Users can drag/drop files from one board into another

What we didn’t like:

  • Only the project owner can invite members to a project


Company Info:


  • Free plan
  • 10 GB plan is $99.99/month
  • 40 GB plan is $199.99/month
  • 100 GB plan is $249.99/month
  • 200 GB plan is $399.99/month
  • 2 TB plan is $999.99/month


  1. James Anderson

    Proofhub is another good project management software loaded with nice features like to-do’s, milestones, proofing tool, inbuilt browser chat, casper mode, time tracking and file sharing. It’s fast and pretty affordable. 10GB acailable in just $15. 30 days free trial also available.

  2. Loh Smith

    Volerro is good option but if you need an alternative then I suggest ProofHub because of its features and services.

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