May 9, 2013

Safe Shepherd – Protecting Your Personal Interests

Internet privacy is a hot button issue, as many people struggle to protect themselves and prevent their identities from being stolen or manipulated by predators online. Safe Shepherd is a web-based platform that markets itself as a step in the right direction, providing customized tools that anyone can use to remove unwanted personal information from the web.

One of the easiest ways for a scammer to get access to your personal information is through your social networking accounts. Connect Safe Shepherd to your Facebook or Twitter account to see how your profile looks to a stranger, or enter your personal email address to begin. Safe Shepherd will start by scanning the web for references to your identity. The platform then instructs you to enter the personal information you’d like to protect (like your name, address, or phone number) into its Identity Vault. Once this information is saved, Safe Shepherd will continue to monitor it, and you’ll receive immediate notifications when new listings with your information appear online. Review the Safety Summary that Safe Shepherd provides—listing all the places where your personal information is available online—and then run a “cleanup” to get started improving your safety score.

Although Safe Shepherd will monitor your information for free, the platform charges $13.95 per month to help cleanup your records. For this fee, you receive advanced monitoring, real-time notifications, and access to the platform’s customer service tools. Safe Shepherd will help you remove any records that violate your privacy or are deemed inaccurate, giving you a better chance of protecting your identity when doing business online.

Practical Uses:

  • See what information strangers can find out about you online
  • Remove internet listings that show your home address
  • Find out what steps you need to take to improve your internet security
  • Receive immediate alerts when new information about you appears online

Insider Tips:

  • Safety Scores measure how exposed a user is online
  • Users can connect Safe Shepherd to their Twitter or Facebook accounts
  • VIP members can review their data with a personal privacy expert
  • Safe Shepherd’s privacy experts can help users manipulate their Google search results

What we liked:

  • Safe Shepherd doesn’t charge users to see what information is available about them online
  • The application offers opt-out guides for people who’d rather remove their personal information themselves
  • Users can submit their own records to be included on Safe Shepherd’s dossier
  • People can use Safe Shepherd to monitor their privacy settings on Facebook

What we didn’t like:

  • Some people may not feel comfortable handing their personal information over to be included in Safe Shepherd’s Identity Vault


Company Info:

  • Launched: August 2011
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Founded by: Geoff Hayes and Robert Leshner
  • Web site:


  • Upgraded membership is $13.95/month
  • VIP membership is $249.95/month


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  2. Emmett E. Powers

    You send me an alert on information that was posted in the last two or three days but what do I do to fine it I have tried to see it but not allowed as you do not like my pass word please HELP.
    Emmett E powers

    • Emmett E. Powers

      I have tried to fine what you are talking about but have not been able to. I want to know what you say that I need to talk to some one in your office. I want to know now. Emmett E Powers

  3. nancy fiorvento

    please send me a contact customer service phone number. i want to cancel my subscription. safe sherherd has not name address and age still appear an ive have been paying for months

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