May 28, 2013

SafelyFiled – Keep Life Documents Secure

A locked filing cabinet may not be the safest place to store sensitive documents, like wills and birth certificates. To protect important files, a new web-app called SafelyFiled is encouraging people to store their most important documents in the cloud.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but documents can actually be stored more securely in the cloud than inside the average family’s home. Start protecting your personal identity by taking photos of your files with your smartphone and then dragging and dropping those files into the SafelyFiled folder on your computer. SafelyFiled immediately encrypts your files, and puts them behind a secure login that only you (and the people you’ve given permission to) can access. Once your documents have been uploaded into the SafelyFiled system, you can organize them however you see fit. File documents into folders, and add descriptions about certain documents to jog your memory when it comes time to access those files in the future. SafelyFiled lets you search for documents by keyword, file name, or tag. You can include information about where the original, hard copy of the document is stored, as well.

In addition to helping you store files, SafelyFiled also helps you share them securely. Give your children access to your estate plan, or your CPAaccess to your tax receipts. You can share certain documents or folders with specific people, without giving anyone access to all of your files. SafelyFiled is the ideal solution for people who are concerned about giving their families access to their files if they are ever incapacitated or unable to retrieve those files on their own.

Practical Uses:

  • Store a copy of your will securely online
  • Create a home inventory that you can access if your home is damaged or robbed
  • Review a copy of your auto insurance plan when you’re not at home
  • Archive your employees’ past performance reviews

Insider Tips:

  • Users can upload files by scanning them with their smartphones
  • SafelyFiled offers an iPhone app
  • Users with basic plans can upload 1,000 documents
  • SafelyFiled limits individual document sizes to 20 megabytes

What we liked:

  • All files uploaded to SafelyFiled are encrypted
  • Users can give their family members varying levels of access
  • Medical professionals can use the app to store sensitive practice information
  • Professional sponsors can set up accounts on their clients’ behalves

What we didn’t like:

  • Users can’t currently view their files on their smartphones


Company Info:

  • Launched: March 2013
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Champaign, Illinois
  • Founded by: Mark Snow and John Dore
  • Web site:


  • Basic service is $48 per year

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