July 17, 2013

collegefeed – Land Your First Post-College Job

Popular career networking platforms like LinkedIn provide professionals who already have some work experience under their belts with a way to connect with hiring managers online, but they aren’t always as useful for students and recent graduates who haven’t had a chance to develop much real world work experience. Collegefeed offers a solution, providing recent graduates with an easy way to build their personal brands and get noticed by industry leaders.

Create an account by entering your name and university, and then get started populating your professional profile with information on any important class projects, thesis work, or internship experience you may have. Once you’ve started using collegefeed, you can get access to information on how to land your dream job or internship, along with contact details for any university alumni who’ve signed up to become personal mentors to younger students. Collegefeed populates your newsfeed with information about jobs that fit with your skills and interests, and connects you with potential employers who are looking to fill entry-level positions. The connections you make through collegefeed are much more fluid than the ones you might make at traditional career fairs, giving you the opportunity to compare positions and ponder your options before signing on the dotted line for your first post-college job.

Collegefeed benefits companies by giving them access to top talent for a much lower price than they would typically spend on recruiters. The company also hosts private networking events that college students can attend (virtually) for the chance to learn about some of Silicon Valley’s most influential companies and connect with professionals who could impact the trajectories of their careers.

Practical Uses:

  • Get help landing your first job out of college
  • Find a mentor with real world industry experience
  • Learn what skills companies are looking for in entry-level candidates
  • Network with potential employers at collegefeed’s networking events

Insider Tips:

  • collegefeed is built for people who have graduated since 2007
  • Students can earn money for tuition by competing for collegefeed awards
  • Include your profile URL in your email signature when applying for jobs
  • Ask for guidance from peers in the “Confidential” section of collegefeed

What we liked:

  • collegefeed posts jobs that are tailored to recent graduates
  • Students can find mentors with the same academic backgrounds
  • Users can access information about job openings in their desired industries
  • Companies can use collegefeed to connect with college students and recent grads

What we didn’t like:

  • collegefeed will only be useful if major companies are willing to start using the platform for recruitment


Company Info:

  • Launched: March 2013
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Mountain View, California
  • Founded by: Sanjeev Agrawal
  • Web site:


  • Free

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