August 12, 2013

ProofHub – Project Management & Collaboration

Email is a great way to keep up with old friends, but it isn’t always the best method for communicating in a business setting. Overcrowded inboxes can lead to important emails being overlooked for a period of hours, days or even weeks. Meanwhile, simple human error can cause certain people to accidently be left off email reply chains altogether. ProofHub provides a better solution for businesses of all sizes.

ProofHub is a web-based project management and collaboration application that businesses can use to encourage staffers to connect with each other, along with clients and vendors, without relying on email or the telephone. Store all your projects and data in ProofHub’s platform, then set deadlines and automatic reminders before major events. Collaborate with colleagues by sending messages through the internal system, or by leaving comments with helpful tips or advice underneath any task that’s been assigned to an associate. When a project is complete, you can archive it and access it at a later date if necessary.

ProofHub lets users be in control of who sees their projects and tasks. Users can select which people, companies, and groups can see individual projects, and allows certain topics to be marked as private — through a feature known as “Casper Mode” — as a way to mask sensitive client information. The platform also offers threaded commenting, which can be used internally to host real-time discussions complete with attached files and documents from Google Drive.

Practical Uses:

  • Stay on top of all the projects your firm is currently working on
  • Collaborate with colleagues and clients online
  • Host online discussions with teammates who work remotely
  • Protect sensitive client information from being seen by lower-level employees

Insider Tips:

  • See everyone’s schedules on one calendar
  • Assign items on a to-do list to specific employees
  • View the dashboard page to see which projects have recently been updated
  • Use ProofHub’s time tracking tool to create accurate timesheets

What we liked:

  • ProofHub offers threaded comments
  • Users can collaborate both internally and externally
  • Files and documents can be stored in the cloud and accessed on any device
  • ProofHub offers a number of options for mobile users

What we didn’t like:

  • Users with the Nano plan only have 1 GB of storage space


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2010
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Clifton, New Jersey
  • Founded by: SDP Labs
  • Web site:


  • Nano plan is $15 per month
  • Standard plan is $49 per month
  • Premium plan is $99 per month
  • Enterprise plan is $149 per month


  1. Katie

    “We love proofhub! We handle hundreds of small tasks, so we used to send countless spreadsheets and documents via email. It was awful: there and back, there and back, and here we go again. Now we just attach all the necessary documents to the tasks and manage them online – such a time-saver! And what is best, we always see who is working on what, who needs help or who can jump on to the new task. The time wasted on micromanagement can now be used for more strategic needs.

  2. Mike

    I have been using ProofHub since past 2 years now , and by far it has always performed way higher than my expectations. The best part is that now we don’t have to look for one person or files in long thread of email. Just one place to store and find relevant files, designs and docs and we are good to go. Highly Recommended!

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