August 14, 2013

Doccy – Create Professional Documents

Doccy is a web-based application that anyone can use to turn basic Word, Pages, or OpenOffice files into digital templates that can be shared, filled out, and submitted online. By using Doccy, professionals can decrease the time it takes to send and receive forms from clients, vendors, and other business associates.

After you sign up for a free Doccy account, go back to the application you were using to create your standard files (like Microsoft Word) and add formatted placeholders in each spot where information in your document needs to be changed. For example, if you’re uploading a basic real estate contract, then you’ll want to add placeholders where the date, client name, and client address would typically go. Upload your newly saved Word, Pages, or OpenOffice file into Doccy. When you use the web-application’s placeholder form to quickly add information about a specific client or vendor (such as the name, address, and delivery date), Doccy will automatically place that information in the correct spots on your template. You then have the option to send your contract via Doccy or attach it to a standard email.

The more frequently you send out stock contracts and documents, the more useful Doccy becomes. The application syncs with Dropbox, allowing users to seamlessly back up their documents online and share those documents with colleagues on the fly.

Practical Uses:

  • Create a standard template for your company’s employment contracts
  • Send real estate contracts to clients via email
  • Save time when sending out multiple invoices to clients
  • Use a single template to create dozens of custom documents

Insider Tips:

  • Save Doccy documents as PDF or Word files
  • Connect Doccy to your Dropbox account
  • Doccy supports .docx, .pages, and .odt files
  • Download multiple documents made from templates at the same time

What we liked:

  • Business owners can make their companies more efficient by using Doccy
  • Professionals can send contracts to clients online rather than by fax
  • Placeholders ensure users will always update all the pertinent information in a template before sending the file to a client
  • Teams can manage and merge documents in a central place

What we didn’t like:

  • Doccy has very little information posted on its Support page


Company Info:


  • Free plan
  • Basic plan is $29 per month
  • Professional plan is $49 per month
  • Company plan is $99 per month

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