October 17, 2013

FleetSuite – Get Creative With Team Management

Silos are the antithesis of cohesiveness for teams. Rather than working individually on separate tasks, professional colleagues can use FleetSuite to come together in a more collaborative way. The platform offers a suite of tools that companies can use to manage projects and clients. Unlike competing platforms, FleetSuite users only pay for the tools they need.

Once you sign up for a FleetSuite account, you can get started without installing any software or setting up any servers. FleetSuite’s core features include tools for generating quotes/estimates, managing schedules, tracking projects, and sending invoices. To create your first estimate, start by entering the timescales and costs associated with a project. You can speed up the time it takes to create quotes in the future by using FleetSuite’s “rate card interface” to record the cost of your services on a per-client basis. Once you’ve sent a quote and gotten approval to move forward on a project, you’ll want to start scheduling time for yourself and your colleagues to work on this project. FleetSuite’s drag-and-drop calendars make it easy to coordinate schedules and make plan weeks, months, or even years in advance.

Track the hours that employees at your company are spending working on each project, and use the timesheets generated automatically by FleetSuite to create accurate invoices that you can send to clients. FleetSuite integrates its schedules and time tracking features to ensure that every hour of time is accounted for. Both of these features also integrate with FleetSuite’s invoicing tools, allowing for unified invoices that can quickly be generated and sent as PDF files.

Practical Uses:

  • Track the time you spent working on a project for Acme Moving Company
  • Create an estimate based on how much it will cost to repair a client’s plumbing
  • Use FleetSuite’s scheduling tools to plan which projects you’ll be focusing on in the coming weeks
  • Monitor the status of all outstanding invoices

Insider Tips:

  • Each user at a company gets his or her own profile in the FleetSuite system
  • Use “payment profiles” to know when to anticipate your next invoice payment
  • Quotes and invoices can be turned into PDFs before being sent to clients
  • Admin users can edit the tracking data for individual employees

What we liked:

  • Creating “rate cards” helps businesses streamline the process of generating quotes
  • Companies only have to pay for the features they plan on using
  • All FleetSuite accounts come with a set of core features for managing projects
  • Time tracking tools ensure businesses are billing for the actual hours they worked

What we didn’t like:

  • Companies with the Basic plan can only add up to five users to an account


Company Info:


  • Basic plan is $40 per month
  • Standard plan is $52 per month
  • Plus plan is $77 per month
  • Premium plan is $127 per month

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