November 5, 2013

OrderUp – Online Ordering From Neighborhood Restaurants

Here’s the situation: It’s late at night and you’re craving French fries, but your refrigerator’s empty and it’s raining too hard to walk to your neighborhood grill. You could wait it out and hope that the craving goes away, or you could sign on to OrderUp and place an order for delivery right now.

Start your order on the OrderUp platform by entering your street address, then scroll through a list of restaurants that are willing to deliver. Restaurants that are currently open will have an “Order Now” button alongside their directory listings. This is the button that you will need to click to place an order and pay online. OrderUp provides its users with complete menus to review when deciding what to order, along with links to each restaurant’s profile on review websites like Yelp. In many cases, you can also find coupons and special discounts through the OrderUp platform.

Entrepreneurs who are interested in bringing online ordering to their hometowns can purchase a digital OrderUp franchise. Franchise owners are responsible for onboarding participating establishments in their cities, however they are able to rely on OrderUp for handling 100% of the advanced technical framework that goes along with the online ordering system.

Practical Uses:

  • Have a burger and fries delivered to your house before the big football game
  • Wake up to a delivery of a dozen fresh donuts
  • Pay for your food order with a credit card online
  • Get access to special coupons and deals at your favorite restaurants

Insider Tips:

  • Place orders on OrderUp using your mobile device
  • Add a coupon to reduce the price of your order
  • Restaurants are responsible for making their own deliveries
  • Users can’t add items to their carts or check out until a restaurant is open

What we liked:

  • OrderUp’s ordering system is easy for people to use
  • Yelp ratings are posted next to each restaurant’s name
  • Franchisees can get help setting up OrderUp in their local markets
  • Users can check out menus even if they decide not to place an order

What we didn’t like:

  • OrderUp is currently only available in 26 markets


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2009
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Founded by: Chris Jeffer and Jason Kwicien
  • Web site:


  • Free for consumers
  • Franchisees make an initial investment of $42,550

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