December 3, 2013

Igloo – Retreat to the Safety of an Intranet

Igloo is a web-based tool that companies of all sizes can use to create custom intranets to fit their unique needs. After designing their pages using a series of small boxes known as “Igloo widgets,” employees are able to collaborate on projects, share files, and provide updates on the current status of tasks from their inside sheltered intranet sites.

Unload the hassle of trying to provide support for a decades-old company intranet, and upgrade to Igloo instead. The platform itself is built on widgets or apps. Select the apps that your company needs — a few examples include Blogs, Calendars, and Forums — and invite colleagues to start using the intranet you’ve designed. You can adjust the configuration of your apps to fit the needs of your business, creating an employee collaboration suite, a portal to engage with clients, or a corporate intranet. Add a blog channel to share news and announcements with your staff and push events from Outlook or Google onto a shared company calendar. With Igloo’s file sharing tools, you can overcome the limitations of email and ensure that large-size files arrive at your clients’ doorsteps immediately after they’ve been uploaded online. Igloo even supports document previews and version control.

Larger companies can create “team spaces” as a way to promote department collaboration. These spaces can have individual looks and features, and, as with all Igloo intranets, they can be personalized with corporate branding. Igloo also provides users with an in-house design and services team that can help set up large intranets on their behalves.

Practical Uses:

  • Invite your staff to participate in a company Igloo
  • Share announcements about your business on the company intranet
  • Add team spaces to foster collaboration
  • Create multiple blog channels for different purposes

Insider Tips:

  • Every uploaded document has version control built-in
  • Colleagues can up-vote or down-vote the ideas posted in Igloo’s forums
  • Igloo provides businesses with an in-house design and services team
  • Companies have the option of creating external communities

What we liked:

  • Individual departments or teams can have their own spaces
  • A unified activity stream shows what everyone at the company is working on
  • Moderators can be assigned to preview forum posts before they go live
  • Employees can use Igloo on any device or web browser

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:


  • Igloo is free for up to 10 people to use
  • Intranets are $12 per person, per month
  • External communities are $3 per person, per month


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