December 6, 2013

Dash – The Fun Way to Learn HTML

Becoming fluent in HTML, CSS, and Javascript can unlock doors for people who are interested in technical careers, but learning new skills outside the classroom has the tendency to be an expensive and tedious endeavor. Dash has developed a better way of teaching, offering a series of fun web-based projects that help beginners hone their coding skills.

Take the next step in furthering your professional development by signing up for Dash. The platform’s educational components are broken up into “projects” and “skills.” Projects run the gamut from building personal websites to building responsive blogs, and even creating a robot using CSS. As you complete projects, you unlock new skills. Dash lets you quickly switch the display view from desktop to mobile, allowing you to see how the code you’ve written will look to users on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

For personal attention and one-on-one support, reach out to the Dash team directly. The platform offers “virtual office hours,” managed by General Assembly, where students can ask professionals to review their work and offer feedback on their progress through the educational program. For people looking for a fun way to beef up their HTML, CSS, and Javascript skills, Dash is definitely worth checking out.

Practical Uses:

  • Learn the fundamentals of HTML
  • Get advice on how to build your own personal website
  • Beef up on your CSS and Javascript skills
  • See how the code you’re writing looks to users on smartphones

Insider Tips:

  • Dash works inside a user’s web browser
  • Corrections and feedback are strategically placed to help wayward students get back on track
  • Dash helps you publish the websites you’ve designed on the web

What we liked:

  • Students are taken through simulated “real life” tasks
  • Dash teaches students how to build their own blog themes
  • Students can have multiple “mini-sites” up and running by the time they’re done with Dash’s online course
  • Dash offers “checkpoints” where users can make sure they’re on track

What we didn’t like:

  • Dash doesn’t offer as many advanced tutorials as some competing services


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