December 19, 2013

BamBam! – Collaboration For Pros

BamBam! is a collaboration platform that utilizes a series of real-time awareness tools, to-do lists, workflows, smart streams and carefully crafted “goodies” to help professionals in different roles come together in an online environment.

BamBam! brings many of the most popular features from competing collaboration platforms under one roof. The way you use BamBam! will be different than the way your secretary or your boss uses the platform. The needs and preferences of each member of the team are taken into account thanks to defined roles and work styles. Important updates, tasks, and milestones for your company show up in your personal news feed. The news feed is also where you can post status updates for your whole company to see, like invitations to after-work drinks or questions about handling a particularly difficult task.

Flexibility is at the forefront throughout the BamBam! platform. Users are encouraged to design their own spaces and arrange columns based on the workflows that make sense to them. Users can also take advantage of add-on features like Chime, a time tracking widget, and Springloops, a version control tool. BamBam! uses a simple pricing structure with no limit to the number of users a team can add.

Practical Uses:

  • Keep track of the projects you’re working on this week
  • Ask your team for help with a particular task
  • Track the time you’ve spent working on a project for a client
  • Generate a report based on the tasks you currently have open

Insider Tips:

  • Colleagues are notified when you mention their names anywhere in BamBam!
  • Use backlinks to point people to additional knowledge
  • Search for colleagues and tasks by name in the BamBam! system
  • Set up permissions to limit the access that younger staffers have to the system

What we liked:

  • BamBam! is much more flexible than competing collaboration tools
  • Teams can use BamBam! to manage Kanban and Scrum projects
  • Each member and group has its own stream
  • Email updates notify users anytime something happens at their companies

What we didn’t like:

  • BamBam! hasn’t created a smartphone app for mobile users


Company Info:


  • Up to 10 users free of charge
  • $7 per user for bigger teams

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