January 3, 2014

Heeduser – Build Better Customer Relationships

The real people who actually use your product on a daily basis may have a better sense of what features you should add to improve the user experience than certain employees on your team. Heeduser is a tool that businesses can use to solicit those ideas, while also answering questions, resolving complaints and engaging with their online audiences to drive incremental growth.

Add a consumer-facing engagement community to your website as a way to encourage visitors to ask questions, share ideas and report issues they come across while using your service. Incoming comments are filed as questions, suggestions, problems, compliments or other, and you can view the newest active topics at any time. Customers who visit your Heeduser support page can browse topics or search for existing feedback by keyword. They can also help other users when you’re unavailable by answering the questions those other users post from inside the confines of the Heeduser community. Customers are encouraged to upvote the most interesting, useful or insightful comments, and moderators can prioritize which issues to take up first based on the results of this community voting style.

Larger businesses should assign topics to specific moderators and set action statuses to let users know when their ideas are “under review” or “completed.” Heeduser provides tools for internal use, such as priority levels and labels for back-end staffers. The web-based platform even offers a way for organizations to publicly post product news and company updates for their users to review.

Practical Uses:

  • Find out which features your users would like to have added to your app
  • Collaborate with users on new website updates
  • Share product release articles with your community

Insider Tips:

  • Each employee is given a profile page in the Heeduser community
  • Social sharing tools encourage users to post on their Facebook walls
  • Company and product updates can be sorted by newest, most liked, or most commented on
  • Add tags to customer feedback for easier sorting

What we liked:

  • Heeduser offers a way for people to get instant help when they’re having trouble on a website or app
  • Heeduser is incredibly easy for consumers to use
  • Visitor voting is a good way to see which updates should be implemented first
  • Users can help each other when support staffers from the company aren’t available

What we didn’t like:

  • The majority of features offered through Heeduser are already available from competing customer engagement platforms


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