January 13, 2014

QuizBean – Quick Quizzes for Students

Were any students actually paying attention during your astronomy lecture last week? As a teacher, there’s only one way to find out for sure — the dreaded pop quiz. QuizBean is a web-based tool that educators can use to quickly generate quizzes for their students. These quizzes are taken online and graded automatically using QuizBean’s InstaScore feature.

Find out which students have been keeping up with the required reading by sending out a QuizBean quiz. Choose a question type, multiple choice or ‘this or that,’ give your quiz a title, and start typing in the questions. You can include both correct and incorrect responses in the multiple choice portion of the quiz, along with more in-depth explanations of the correct responses. When your quiz is complete, send it to your students or save it to send later. Add an expiration date or timer to your quiz, and send it out just like an email newsletter. Student scores are tabulated in real-time thanks to QuizBean’s InstaScore feature, which lets students know how they’re doing as the quiz is in progress.

To prevent cheating, each student is assigned his or her own account, which is associated with a specific class or course. QuizBean also offers a “randomizer” feature that randomizes the order of questions. As the school year goes on, you can check in with QuizBean to see an array of analytics based on the performance of your students. QuizBean shows you whether class averages have picked up or dropped off and helps to identify any particular students who may need extra attention.

Practical Uses:

  • Quiz your students on last night’s reading
  • Ask students to complete a quiz over the weekend
  • Identify students who need extra help understanding basic concepts
  • Randomize quiz questions to prevent students from cheating

Insider Tips:

  • Quizzes are distributed via email
  • Place an expiration date and timer on the quizzes you send out
  • Students can see how many responses they’ve gotten correct as they take the quiz
  • Randomize quiz questions to prevent students from cheating

What we liked:

  • Teachers can quickly send quizzes to their students
  • Students can see which questions they got correct and incorrect
  • Quiz results can be separated by class
  • Analytics help teachers track the progress of their students

What we didn’t like:

  • Teachers only have two question types to choose from


Company Info:


  • Free


  1. Spike Spiegel

    I tried Quizbean and was impressed — it looks like it is evolving into a very useful tool for teachers, but the site is NOT free. For a K-12 teacher such as myself, the $100 yearly cost is a bit steep, especially when more full-featured, similar services (Quia, QuizEgg) are half the cost. For now, I’ll stick with the free quizzes on the (mostly) excellent Edmodo.

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