January 15, 2014

Deer Lab – Hunt Smarter

Avid hunters understand how important technological innovations like satellite imaging and trail cameras have become to their sport. Now, Deer Lab is taking it a step further with a web-based system that handles the management and analysis of trail camera photos. Hunters can use Deer Lab to tabulate statistics based on their photos and analyze the movement patterns of active herds.

Deer Lab can’t guarantee that you’ll come home with a buck, but the company does guarantee that you’ll be a more successful hunter when you use its powerful data tools. Deer Lab’s activity dashboard can be broken down into a few main sections. First, you’ll find a page for each of your trail cameras. Deer Lab automatically calculates various statistics based on the photos you’re able to upload. Next, the platform provides detailed weather information. More than just temperature and barometric pressure, Deer Lab actually supplies you with wind direction and speed, along with sunrise and sunset times.

Use image tags to track specific deer across various trail cameras. You can also use Deer Lab’s smart filtering features to find photos of specific deer during specific weather patterns. (For example, a hunter can look for photos of deer he’s labeled “Big Daddy” when the temperature was 30 degrees and the wind was coming at 10 mph.) Avid deer hunters, and particularly those with multiple properties, will find an endless number of ways to utilize the Deer Lab platform.

Practical Uses:

  • Use analytics to improve your chances of success when hunting
  • Collect automated camera reports with details about what’s happening near each camera location
  • View deer activity under specific weather conditions
  • Tag photos of specific bucks for future reference

Insider Tips:

  • Users can upload photos from previous years
  • Tag other animals besides just deer
  • Camera photos can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and desktop browsers
  • Photos can easily be shared on Facebook

What we liked:

  • Deer Lab syncs weather data and moon phases to every photo
  • Privacy settings can be used to ensure photos uploaded to Deer Lab remain secure
  • Hunters can use satellite maps to see what’s going on at multiple properties
  • Deer Lab works with all trail cameras

What we didn’t like:

  • Although weather services are available worldwide, some data from Deer Lab is not available to international users


  • None

Company Info:

  • Launched: October 2013
  • Privately Held
  • Founded by: Jon Livingston and Ryan Wood
  • Web site:


  • Fawn plan is $9 per month
  • Doe plan is $18 per month
  • Buck plan is $36 per month
  • Outfitter plan is $72 per month
  • Unlimited plan is $144 per month

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