January 29, 2014

BillGrid – Get Paid For Your Services

Freelancers and small business owners don’t have time to waste using overly complicated invoicing software. The hours that a freelancer spends tracking time and generating bills are hours that he or she isn’t spending working on paid client tasks. BillGrid is a web-based billing and time management application designed around the needs of independent professionals and small business owners.

The key to saving time with BillGrid is automation. Entering some basic information about each of your clients makes it easier to assign expenses and send invoices in the future. Once you’ve created entries for your clients, it’s time to start managing project expenses. Add a new expense manually by entering the date, amount, tax, client, and a brief description, or import expenses automatically from your previous invoicing system. The expenses that you add can be used when generating client invoices. BillGrid’s invoices include itemized tasks and cost breakdowns, allowing clients to see exactly what they are paying you for.

BillGrid has a number of advanced features that competing invoicing systems don’t offer, including subscriptions. Subscriptions are the ideal solution for standard client invoices that are sent out at regular intervals, like monthly memberships or quarterly website hosting plans. BillGrid can also be used to generate employee time sheets and as a tool for creating detailed reports based on expenses, time, or invoicing details.

Practical Uses:

  • Quickly generate invoices for clients
  • Track the time you spend working on each project
  • Generate expense reports
  • Accept payments from clients online

Insider Tips:

  • Email payment reminders to monthly clients
  • Subscriptions can be set up to send bills in any time interval
  • Customize invoices with branded logos and unique colors
  • Create unique logins for your employees

What we liked:

  • Users can generate an unlimited number of invoices and estimates
  • Expenses are automatically assigned to specific client invoices
  • Recurring invoices can be set up for clients with monthly plans
  • BillGrid offers bank level security

What we didn’t like:

  • BillGrid doesn’t offer an extensive support section for new users


Company Info:


  • Free trial
  • Plans start from $8 per month

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