February 3, 2014

InvoiceSherpa – Resolve Cash Flow Issues

Delays in the billing cycle can create significant cash flow issues for small businesses. InvoiceSherpa is an invoicing system that business owners can use to increase the percentage of on-time payments coming from their customers and clients. The kicker, and what really makes InvoiceSherpa stand apart from competitors, is that businesses can do this without installing any updates or switching to new accounting software.

InvoiceSherpa works with your existing accounting system—whatever that system may be. Decrease the percentage of invoices that are paid late by automating your accounts receivable process. When you integrate InvoiceSherpa with your existing accounting software—the system works well with Xero, QuickBooks, Clio Legal, Wave, and many other accounting tools—the web-based platform communicates with your customers on your behalf, both before and after their invoices are due. Set up custom action schedules to tell InvoiceSherpa when to follow up on invoices and what types of messages to send. You can even have a live accounts receivable specialist from InvoiceSherpa call clients on your behalf to follow up on outstanding bills.

When customers finally do get ready to pay, they can avoiding having to write checks by paying immediately online. Each InvoiceSherpa invoice reminder includes a button that customers can click to pay their invoices immediately. The system integrates with Stripe for payment processing.

Practical Uses:

  • Increase the percentage of on-time payments at your company
  • Send follow up reminders to customers who are late paying their bills
  • Hire an InvoiceSherpa specialist to call clients with past due invoices
  • Allow customers to pay their invoices online

Insider Tips:

  • Revenue reports show users how much time it takes to collect on their invoices
  • Schedule invoice reminders to be sent to customers at specific intervals
  • InvoiceSherpa integrates with Stripe for payment processing
  • Have a live specialist call clients to follow up on past due bills

What we liked:

  • Companies can collect online payments directly through their invoices
  • InvoiceSherpa can help companies lower the number of days it takes to get paid
  • Users don’t have to switch accounting platforms to use InvoiceSherpa
  • Custom action schedules let businesses decide when follow up notices should be sent

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:


  • $1 per debtor, per month
  • Accountants can use InvoiceSherpa for free

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