February 5, 2014

GoVisually – Gather Visual Feedback

GoVisually is a web-based platform that designers and other professionals can use to manage feedback and revisions for their design-related projects. Instead of relying on endless chains of back-and-forth emails, organizations can use GoVisually to enhance collaboration efforts among both employees and clients.

If you’re looking for a faster way to solicit feedback and critiques of your digital designs, then sign up for a GoVisually account and invite your work team to participate in the process. The colleagues you’ve selected to collaborate on your project with can use GoVisually’s annotation tools to click on any part of your design and add their two-cents. As more people are included in the conversation, these individual comments turn into threaded conversations. Instant email notifications let you know immediately each time new feedback has been added to your design.

One way that GoVisually has made it easier to manage feedback from multiple people is by introducing the concept of layers. Each layer is a user’s “personal space,” and content creators can hide or show as many relevant layers at a time as they wish. GoVisually also offers tools for managing multiple design revisions. The platform allows users to upload, switch, and manage their revisions without leaving the collaboration interface.

Practical Uses:

  • Collect feedback on a new design project
  • Find out what coworkers think you should change about a logo you’ve created
  • Manage multiple iterations of the same design
  • Get instant alerts when someone new leaves feedback about your work

Insider Tips:

  • Use ‘full screen mode’ to get a better view of your design
  • Feedback pops up wherever you click on the design
  • Quickly click back-and-forth between multiple projects
  • Individual layers can be turned off to focus on feedback from specific colleagues

What we liked:

  • Revisions can be dragged and dropped into place
  • The threaded commenting feature works just like Facebook
  • Users can upload an unlimited number of designs
  • Coworkers can draw on top of each other’s designs

What we didn’t like:

  • Although users can upload an unlimited number of designs, they are restricted in the number of projects they can add


Company Info:


  • Free plan
  • Freelancer plan is $15 per month
  • Agency plan is $40 per month
  • Enterprise plan with custom pricing


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